10 Industries That Were Greatly Improved By The Internet

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One of the most significant technological changes over the past 100 years has been the invention and expansion of the internet into everyday life. The internet has changed the way most things work, but has had a particularly significant change on about 10 different industries.

The first industry that has gone through change is the tax preparation industry. Years ago, consumers had to fill out their forms by hand and meet with their accountants in person. Today, a tax payer can quickly fill out their tax forms online, receive online tax help from accountants, and simply e-file their tax returns without ever having to pick up a pen or calculator.

The second industry that has changed is the movie industry. Today, people can stream movies to their computers or watch them through their cable company’s online platform. This has made watching movies far more convenient for consumers and cheaper for movie producers.

The third industry to change significantly with the internet is the music industry. As opposed to buying CDs and listening to the radio, music lovers can now stream music online and quickly download any song or album that they want to buy.

The fourth industry to change because of the internet is the banking industry. Consumers can now obtain all of their banking records, pay bills, and make banking transfers easily online. This has reduced the need to operate expensive retail branches and has led to higher consumer satisfaction.

The retail shopping industry is the fifth industry that has changed. As opposed to going into stores to buy items, consumers can now do pretty much all of their retail shopping online. Every year, a higher and higher percent of consumer shopping is done through online stores.

The sixth industry that has changed is the cell phone industry. Smart phones today can access the internet, allowing users to perform a wide range of tasks with their phone. These phones are more expensive and allow cell phone companies to charge for more expensive data usage plans, which have increased profitability.

The television manufacturing industry has also changed because of the internet. Televisions with internet-connectivity are becoming more and more popular. These TVs are more expensive for consumers and provide manufacturers with greater profitability.

The auto industry is the eighth industry to be impacted by the internet. Today, consumers can shop for both new and used autos online as opposed to going into the showroom. More and more sales are completed online today than ever before.

The ninth industry to change is the real estate industry. In the past, the only way to hear about an open home was through a realtor or the newspaper. Today, you can quickly find the entire inventory of homes for sale, which provides buyers with pictures, pricing information, and other information about each home.

The tenth industry to change is the investment industry. Years ago, buying and selling stocks required you to use a stockbroker or investment advisor. Today, any novice investor can open up an account and buy and sell stock electronically and affordably.

In conclusion, the internet has impacted many different facets of society. Overall, there are ten industries that have been impacted most of all and will continue to be impacted by the internet in the future.

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