Generation Y And Their Travel Purchasing Power

Travel Purchasing Power

Currently, people in their late teens to mid 30s may be preoccupied with having fun on the weekends and either saving up for higher education or still paying back their college loans.  With car and home purchases on their mind, big trips around the world may not be the priority.  However, in ten years time, this group of people, otherwise known as Generation Y, will have the majority purchasing power in the travel industry according to a report from The Boston Consulting Group. So what does this mean for companies…

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What To Look For In A Software Development Course

Software Development

Software Development In today’s times, a software developer needs to create and implement enterprise applications by focusing on digital user experiences. Software companies that want to adopt this unique approach to application development can hire the services of consulting agencies to complete the job on their behalf. Another option is for the companies to get their in-house programmers enrolled in such a software development class in order to pick up the required skills and work on future projects independently. Latest Technologies Supported A software development consultant must have the expertise…

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How To Secure Your Business From Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

There is never a better time to check the security of your computers and mobile devices. You should not rely on antivirus programs alone. Making a robust security system is key to protecting your company’s overall wellbeing. This year, even companies thought to have the best security systems have been hacked and important data have been compromised. Cybercriminals were able to have access to sensitive information, personal and even top-secret information. The Facts 2 out of 3 small businesses rely on the Internet for daily operations but more than 75%…

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