SAP For Retail Operations – What You Need To Know Today


SAP offers retail software solutions with flexible implementation parameters and comprehensive business intelligence tools. These retail software support frameworks allow you to rapidly recoup your enterprise software investment and gain additional organizational value through more effective operations and smoother functionality. Each of the SAP retail solutions offers better conversion rates in every channel and increases the average size of customer transactions by increasing customer satisfaction with their retail experience. SAP retail software also improves operational efficiency through better inventory management and more effective staff management. You can grow your retail…

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Olympus M. Zuiko 75mm F1.8 Review

Olympus M

The micro 4/3 format is a quickly growing lens mount that is shared between Panasonic and Olympus, and those who are currently sitting on the platform should get excited about any expansion to the lens selection. Last year, Olympus brought us their M. Zuiko 75mm f/1.8, a luxurious looking device marketed as a “high grade portrait lens”.  Still found for $900 almost  a year after its release, it certainly does come at a premium, but that is a word that tends to describe this device through and through. Exterior Design…

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Going Digital Makes Call Sheet Organization A Breeze

Call Sheet Organization

Call Sheet At a time when going digital is the norm, interactive apps that makes call sheet organization a breeze are making waves. After all, people and time management takes on a whole new meaning for casts and crew working in films. And with all the motion and haste, a call sheet is the vital document that keeps everything together with a level of efficiency. Here are some nifty things you can do with a call sheet app: Create Call Sheets on the Go You don’t have to be in…

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GPS At Work

GPS at work

What is GPS Tracking? GPS tracking is a system of surveillance that more simply put, is vehicle tracking. This popular and efficient method of investigation uses satellite technology to provide information on the location of a designated and assigned vehicle. After a small tracking device has been attached to the underneath of a vehicle, we are able to monitor where and when it travels, at what speeds and whether or not there are any stops on the journey and where these are and their duration. Vehicle tracking is a great…

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Practical Guide To GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

What is it? GPS tracking is a method of investigation that is probably better known to you as vehicle tracking. This service begins with the identification of a specific vehicle or vehicles that you wish to have more knowledge about. Once the vehicle has been selected a discreet but secure tracking device is attached to the underneath of the car which will serve to relay information on location and speed to the awaiting operative team. GPS tracking can give real time updates on the journey of the selected vehicle and…

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