Blowing Your Mind With Home Automation

You know you can use home automation to control your lights, coffee pot, thermostat, or door locks remotely. Anything that uses Z-Wave technology can be controlled remotely using your smartphone – and that’s not just limited to light switches and door locks. Z-Wave technology is likely to expand quickly, and a little thinking outside of the box can make your home more efficient than ever. Here are a few things you may not have realized you could be doing with your home automation system. Put Your Kids Go to Bed…

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Discovering The Importance Of Robots In Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering

For most of the 20th century the process in which cars were manufactured remained largely the same. Almost every function would be performed by a human, including some of the more difficult and potentially dangerous. However the 1980’s saw the start of what could only be described as a revolution in automotive manufacturing. This revolution came in the form of the use of robots which began to perform functions that were previously reserved for humans to speed up production. This blog post will take a closer look at just why…

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Protecting Your Company’s Digital Information

Call Centre Industry

As more and more information is shared digitally, new dangers have risen that must be protected against.  Using a few precautions in order to protect your company against hackers can mean all the difference when it comes to keeping your information private.  Restricting employee Internet access to defend against sites that contain Malware, using a small business firewall to keep hackers from accessing your system, and changing your passwords regularly are just a few ways to keep your company from being a victim of hacking. Restrict Employee Internet Access While…

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How Important Is Social Media To Your Company?

Social Media Company

As you set your business and marketing priorities for the coming year, you may wonder just how much time, attention and resources to devote to social media lead generation. You could base your decision on how you feel about social media. However, we suggest basing your decision on how your customers and potential clients feel about social media when it comes to making their purchasing decisions. And the jury is already in on that. They use social media and will continue to do so. Simply put, social media is where…

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A Brief History Of Interior Design

interior design

The history of interior design is vast, and you could argue that even since humans were cave dwellers an element of interior design has existed. What we see today is the result of modern-day artistry and innovation, combined with the rich history of design we find before us. Interior decoration has been an ever-changing, always-moving phenomenon that says a great deal about our incessant striving to be better, and be different. Prehistoric Design It might make sense to start off this brief historic guide with elements of prehistoric design. Native…

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Fingerprint-Controlled Garage Doors?

Garage Doors

Garage door manufacturers have created an innovative method for opening and closing one’s garage door—fingerprint recognition!  It involves impressive, yet easy to use, sensor technology.  There are garage doors which can be controlled through cell-phone/device apps but fingerprint recognition is the ‘new kid on the technology block’ when it comes to garage door control.  These fingerprint devices don’t require any handheld device at all, except for a single finger. No Codes, No PINS, No Worries: A panel, about the size of a small TV remote, is installed outside the garage…

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Gift Ideas For Your Hipster Friends


Make no mistake, shopping for your hipster buddy isn’t something to take lightly. You really need to do some hectic research to know what he’ll enjoy. Luckily we have many hipster friends and we know exactly what kind of gifts they are looking for. Don’t know how to identify a hipster and whether your friend falls into that category? Here’s a quick summary of the definition of a hipster. Hipsters are people who value independent thinking, they shy away from the system and appreciate people who don’t follow tradition and…

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