Learning About Scaffolding Engineering What Is Scaffolding? To Best Learn About The Engineering That Applies To Scaffolding

Scaffolding Engineering

What is Scaffolding? To best learn about the engineering that applies to scaffolding, you must know what scaffolding is. Scaffolding is the term used to define any number of structures that lift your body above ground level. Different types of scaffolding design exist including supported, suspended and mast. Scaffolding is a heavily regulated field that requires compliance with rules and regulations set forth by OSHA, which stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Association. Failure to comply with these strict guidelines can result in fines and other punitive damages assessed…

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Amazon Aquires Socal Reading Site Goodreads


In the latest news on big business acquisitions and jostling, big international online retail bookstore, Amazon has looped in Goodreads, the social media website dedicated to book-lovers and reading. Although not the only book-related social media site online, Goodreads has a large, dedicated membership, and offers several unique features. News that retail giant, Amazon.com, is acquiring international book club, Goodreads, took the world of book-lovers by storm. Glee co-mingled with dread at the possibilities created by the largest book seller subsuming and controlling the largest book-sharing service. The question remains:…

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