Lighter Hair For Spring

Lighter Hair

All winter, you spent your time with dark hair because you thought that if you left your hair the blonde shade it was all spring and summer, you would only wind up looking washed out. Now that winter is almost a thing of the past, it is time for some change again. You can now safely rock the lighter hair without worrying, because with spring comes sun and sun tans. One of the hottest trends this spring is going to be blonde hair. Here are a few ideas as to…

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Social Media And Mobile Marketing: Connect With Consumers On A Personal Level

Social Media Company

There is one important thing that mobile advertising agencies know about when it comes to connecting with customers on social media: it’s not always about the hard sell. Yes, we understand that for a business to grow and compete, it must continually sell products and services to make profits. Yet how can a consumer do this if they don’t know your business exists? How are consumers supposed to make informed purchasing decisions if they don’t know anything about what your company sells or what work you perform? Consumers Connecting To…

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