5 Apps To Chat With Random People

Android App

Internet has made the world to be a global village where people can now easily interact with each other. Social media like the Facebook and Twitter have even made it easier for people to keep in touch. With the advancement in technology and in particular computer technology, people can now connect with friends and relatives from across the world through the internet. Social networking has become a common feature in the internet. It is this social networking that has enabled people to move from connecting with friends around the world…

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Top 5 best cameras for outdoors or travel

Olympus M

Some people think that hand held cameras are becoming a thing of the past thanks to mobile phone cameras. After all, there are now phones that have a 13 mega pixel camera on them. Thirteen mega pixels is more than some digital cameras, which is why people think they are on their way into oblivion. But, there is more to a digital camera than just the mega pixel value. The camera lens is a big factor, as it the focusing software within the camera. A handheld digital camera may have…

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E-Paper; the Missing Link?


Thirty years ago very few of us owned a computer and the few mobile phones in existence were large, heavy and slightly ridiculous.  Owning one of the latter was meant to inspire admiration but largely inspired the opposite, while if you wanted to talk to a mate on the other side of the world it was often quicker and easier to go join them.  The world has changed beyond all recognition since then – but in the rush to create products that serve our every need, somebody seems to have…

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Top Ten most frequently used mobile apps

mobile apps

This list changes all the time, as trends tend to go up and down all the time. Not so long ago, the most played app was “Angry Birds” but now it has all changed. The Angry Birds game is not even in the top ten, although another game has crept in there. Do not take the ranking of each app too seriously. With the exception of the Facebook and Twitter apps, the others jump around the scoreboard so much that they look like a game of checkers during a Japanese…

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Advantages Of Online Games For Seniors

Online Games

Online games are gaining in popularity every year and not only with the young people. According to Entertainment Software Association, 25 percent of online game enthusiasts are over age 50. They’re playing strategy games, brain training games, word games and even role-playing games. Why do we love online games so much, and is there any benefit to spending time playing them? Stay connected One of the reasons we love playing digital and online games is they keep us connected! Family rooms across the nation are equipped with computers and game…

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3 Geolocation Apps You Absolutely Need

Geolocation Apps

One of the best things we tend to overlook is the GPS function of a phone. Just think about this for a second: Before iPhones, there was a time where we had to print our directions, use landmarks to make sure we were in the right area and then if we got lost, we were basically screwed. I like to make sure I use the GPS system on my phone as much as I can. I am still confused as to why GPS stand-alone devices still even exist. Our iPhone…

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Bartley Ridge offers you great City

Bartley Ridge

With impact from 12 January 2013, the Singapore government has presented many cooling measures to cool the values of real estate. These cooling measures make purchasing Singapore real estate home hard for many individuals since they will need to fork out more cash in their down payment for the house. Supplier Press Work was also presented for the first time for commercial home to control any speculative activities that hurts the income edges of businesses. Within the last few Singapore elections in 2010, While Singapore ruling party PAP has gained…

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