Cleaning Out Tech


Cleaning out your home can be an arduous task.  The longer you’ve been there, the more you’ve piled up over time.  Whether you are making space for a new addition to the family, cleaning out a room, or looking to sell some of your old things to make some money, there are a few basic strategies that can help you through it.  While you’re working to make space, evaluate the technology in your house.  This is one area that’s easy to clean out.  You can recycle, repair, and repurpose a…

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10 Industries That Were Greatly Improved By The Internet


One of the most significant technological changes over the past 100 years has been the invention and expansion of the internet into everyday life. The internet has changed the way most things work, but has had a particularly significant change on about 10 different industries. The first industry that has gone through change is the tax preparation industry. Years ago, consumers had to fill out their forms by hand and meet with their accountants in person. Today, a tax payer can quickly fill out their tax forms online, receive online…

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