Before There Were Watches

If you are like me you have probably frequently found yourself praying for more hours in the day! I am constantly at war with time as there never seems to be enough of it. I look at my watch and it is first thing in the morning and then I look again and find out it is lunch time. Where does the time go and how on earth did people keep track of it before there were watches and mobile phones? Pre-History The earliest form of time keeping was almost…

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5 Unique Green Gadgets Aiding People In Saving Money

Green Gadgets

There’s nothing better than saving money on your annual  household or office budget, helping the environment and doing both at the same time in really easy to adapt ways. And how do you go about taking care of all three in one go? Read on and catch up on five excellent tech gadget solutions that are sure to leave your schedule, your conscience and your bank account better off. 1. Solar Powered Chargers Cell phones, music players, tablets and just about anything that can be recharged with a battery through…

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How QR Code Marketing Can Bring New Life Into Your Restaurant

QR Code Marketing

There is perhaps no industry that faces more challenges when looking for new customers than the restaurant industry. Even in a relatively small town there are a ton of choices that are open to each individual, and many great spots end up getting left by the wayside because customers just never get around to it. If you want to avoid this fate with your restaurant, then you need to be proactive. You need to be cutting edge. You need to introduce QR Code marketing into your advertising strategy. QR Codes…

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7 Tips To Stay Calm During Difficult Gaming Sessions

Online Games

While gamer rage doesn’t have the dire consequences that road rage does, you will find that frequently engaging it has harmful side-effects. It makes people block you, it gets you less invites to groups and guilds, and in the end, you’ve wasted a lot of energy on doing nothing productive at all. No one responds well to abuse, and all you’re doing is making yourself look bad. The next time you start to feel the creeping effects of gamer rage, consider these tips to calm yourself down. Shut Off Communication…

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