5 Ways Your Hosting And Network Is Affecting Your Business


When it comes to hiring your website hosting company and your business internet service provider, you cannot afford to make sloppy or badly informed choices. Web hosting and Internet connection to your home or commercial office are the two most vital parts of your entire digital business presence and they have to both be run with the highest possible consideration for security, speed and reliability. Here are some tips and things to consider for when you’re choosing both of these vital services. 1. Insecure Hosting, Insecure Clients The strength of…

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5 Ideas That Cannot Be Proven By Science


There are ideologies and occurrences that exist all around us but can never be explained by science, science is known to be the ultimate way of explaining the occurrence of an object or idea through facts and factual events. However, the following ideas are yet to receive any scientific explanations to their occurrence or existence: 1. Does God Really Exist   This is without a doubt one of the most controversial thoughts when it comes to Ideas that cannot be proven by science. The argument of whether God really exists…

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A Guide To Biological Storage – How To Keep Your Life’s Work Safe

Biological Storage

In the biological sciences, keeping samples at constant temperatures is a necessity and challenge. Temperature fluctuations that would be acceptable in a home freezer can ruin some types of samples, spoiling work and costing money. The pursuit of suitable refrigeration is one of the major costs for any lab, contributing more to the power bill than all other power expenditures combined. For business reasons and as a service to the environment, biological facilities are always trying to get better refrigeration for less power. Regardless of the type of refrigeration unit…

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