All about BMM- Bachelor of Mass Media

BMM is a short form of Bachelor of Mass Media. This course is after 12th standard so you all are right the main forte of mass media is related to journalism only. But it also embraces advertising and communication. BMM is an undergraduate course, which is completed in a period of three years. This course lends a hand to student to understand assorted facets allied to journalism, advertising and communication. This also helps the apprentice to build a career in mass communication field. Mass communication is very wider field, embraces…

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Know about Ruby Gem before buying it..!!

ruby jewelry earring

Rubies are the red color gemstone, comes from the corundum family of minerals. A natural ruby varies in color from light red to deep bloody red. It often has tinge, for instance purplish cast. The variation and range increase the charm and uniqueness of each gemstone. For all those, who born in July month, Ruby is your birthstone. It doesn’t mean others can’t wear it. In fact, globally ruby is considered as the most favorite one. And as the red color is correlated with the feeling of enduring love and…

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