Mysore Palace: The integral part and pride of Mysore city

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is one of the most significant heritages in India. A beautiful 3 storyed structure that is located in the heart of the city, and offering an excellent insight in the history and past glory of the place and the Wodeyar kingdom, the palace is a must visit in Mysore. Pick one from the lucrative Mysore tour packages, book your tickets and hotels in advance and get going to Mysore. True to its epithet, the “City of Palaces” in India, Mysore is one of the handful of cities in…

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Experiencing memorable Ajmer tour while checking out its tranquil lakes


Ajmer is one fine destination to create some wonderful memories. It is a delight to the history buffs and religious tourists. Nonetheless, it is also complete with other tourist attractions as well. Head to the city for fun vacation and for accommodations choose from best Ajmer hotels. Ajmer is a city in the western region of India, which is primarily related to spiritualism for the fact that is it home to one of the most sacred religious sites of the Muslims. The city is host to the Dargah or tomb of the great…

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