Results of Emerging Technologies on the Society

Emerging Technologies

Improvement in innovation has made the world go “gaga”. As far as technology is concerned, you can anticipate the unanticipated or picture the unimaginable. The bewilderment of everybody is that existing innovations are fast ending up being obsolete by the day; courtesy of advancement in technology. Technology has affected and is still affecting people of any age brackets from all over the world. You can think of the formats where young children’ toys and products for old individuals are made these days. They are given touch of modernity to let…

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The World is a Garden: Tracing the Most Beautiful Gardens

Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

A garden is a land mass formed into a spot where vegetables, fruits and flowers sprout, yet they can be a lot more than this. A spot for consideration, unwinding or a sanctuary to loosen up and appreciate the world around, a basic gathering of plants, water components and adornments, or an indulgently composed perfect work of art that strays so distant from convention you’ll wonder if at all it is a garden or not! So, exclusively for all the nature and art lovers, we are taking you through some…

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