Start with SAP Hana as a Beginner

SAP Hana

There might have been times when you have considered shifting to the SAP HANA database management system. You might have many doubts and queries on the SAP system. This article focuses on everything you have to know before changing to the database management. The first thing you have to know is – what is SAP Hana? For speed data retrieval, you will need a database management system that uses a column oriented and an in-memory device with the help of relational technology. It acts as a bridge between the databases…

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How To Have Parental Controls On Your Child’s iPhone?

iPhone tempered glass screen

Today’s generation is getting addicted to their phones so easily. They use iPhones more than any other thing that has provided for them. The parents are worried about the health of their children due to the excess use of the iPhone. As for being of the older generation the parents of today’s children know the total truth of the mobile devices and the internet. There are contents or various applications that can affect the children. The parents are worried about their kids knowing or doing something that they might be…

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