4 Apps That We Used To Need Computers For

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Killing time is actually a very important part of our lives. If you think about it, we actually enjoy killing time. It’s fun! Yes maybe we shouldn’t kill as much time as we do, but sometimes you need a little help. Apps can definitely do that for you. Here are some of the easiest time killers you can find on your iPad or iPhone!


This one is a “duh” isn’t it? Well actually not so much. The Facebook app used to be pretty terrible. I remember around the iPhone 4 launch till the iPhone 5 launch, that whole year went by when the Facebook app was rated at least lower than 3 stars. Finally they changed it and made it amazing! Everything is so easy to use and the design is so simple. With the integration with other apps, how message bubbles works, and even buying gifts, you can seriously waste some huge time on Facebook and not even be on a computer!


Ever wandered what a perfectly normal and good picture would look like if it was taken in the 80’s under extreme lighting conditions? Well apparently everyone that signed up for Instagram always wondered that. It’s a huge hub of a collection of photos taken by normal people (some even celebrities) and put through filter(s). These filters are often filled with light leaks and lens flares to give it that “vintage” look. With the use of hashtags and the popular page, you could essentially almost never run out of pictures to look at!


Oh, YouTube. How I love thee. YouTube is really a funny thing. There isn’t a way you would be able to call it. If you were to say we would all be able to share videos from around the world just by copying and pasting links, we would have laughed at you. Seriously! It’s amazing how far we have come. What makes it even crazier is that now we can all watch it on our small little phones and tablets. We don’t even need computers! Thanks to the guys at YouTube, they have created an app that looks so amazing and works very similarly to a Facebook feed, we can spend hours and hours killing time watching cats do things they shouldn’t do.


Home Security is one of those things that people always associate with a large budget. All of the smart homes we see in movies include mansions and millionaires to live in them when in all reality you don’t even need all that. There is a home security systems company that utilizes an app called Alarm.com. It’s absolutely amazing the kind of technology that’s built in to these systems. They essentially control your home from a console. Then allowing you to control your home through guess what? Not a computer… but an iPhone. Which is absolutely nuts to me! We can lock doors, make sure the gun/drug cabinets are locked view cameras and even control the temperature of my home from (get this…) miles away.

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