5 Essential Home Buying Apps

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Buying a house is a long, complex, frequently frustrating process, both for experienced and first-time buyers alike. If it is your first time to purchase a home, you are under stress since everything involved in the process is new to you. Alternatively, if you are not new on this, you are probably selling your current home at the same time buying a new one, which comes with double the stress.

There are many things to be organized when making this purchase and you have to be careful not to mess things up. Organizing everything on your mobile phone, instead of your computer is a good step to ensuring that you emerge from the whole home buying process with your sanity unbroken. Here are 5 essential home buying apps that will make the whole experience less stressful. With these apps home buying becomes easier both for experienced and first-time buyers.

1. Better Homes and Gardens Home Selection Assistant
This app is for iPhone and it is free. This home buying app allows you to be your own private assistant during a property visit. Instead of having to search through the official listing pictures, you can take your own and attach notes to every photo. Instead of having to ask for clarifications from a real estate agent, you can have all the answers on your iPhone.

2. ZipRealty
This app is for iPad, iPhone and Android and it is free. It allows a lot of impulsiveness in your search. If you are in a neighborhood you would love to live in, use it to search for houses and see what you get. This app lets you take notes on specific homes, lots of relevant info available on every listing and a straight ask for a showing in the app.

3. Wikihood
This home buying app is for iPad and iPhone and it is free. It allows you to know everything that is happening in a neighborhood, both good and bad. The app automatically pulls up all Wikipedia articles that relate your present geographic location. With this app, you will get a closer look at schools, comprehensive knowledge about the town or city, historical information and all the transit alternatives available among other things.

4. Mortgage Calculator Pro
This is an iPhone home buying app and its costs $0.99. It lets you calculate mortgage payments more practically by comparing the final price of your home. With this app, there is the option of including HOA fees, property taxes and other miscellaneous things that can add up. You can save various loans to compare plus look at the lasting picture with pay back tables for all and have all this data backed up to your computer.

5. Essential Real Estate Dictionary
This is a home buying app for iPad and iPhone and its costs $9.99. This is a great app for you if you are the kind of person who likes to play it cool whenever they hear words, even without knowing their meaning. This app has a reference guide of three thousand real estate terms. With this app, you are able to become an informed consumer when you are getting into the confused negotiation details.

Jeff is a techno geek who loves using apps and the web for research into property, the financial market and investment opportunities. He help first home buyers in Perth find and build their dream home.

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