5 Things You Must Look For While Choosing Managed Services

Choosing Managed Services
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As organizations increasingly depend on IT systems for their operations, the need for IT specialists have also grown over the years. But most organizations, especially smaller ones don’t have the financial resources to have their in-house IT team. This is where ‘Managed Services’ comes to their rescue and offer businesses to take help from top professionals without burning a hole in their pocket. These service professionals, known as MSPs are usually called to retain all responsibilities for seamless functioning of your company’s IT infrastructure and systems. But with dozens of companies offering managed services in Calgary, you need to be choosy. Here are five things that you must consider when you are choosing a Calgary based MSP.

  1. Preventive Maintenance –There is an old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ and this is what preventive maintenance is all about. The company you hire for managed services should be proactive in detecting issues that are likely to aggravate in the future and impact your business operations and fix them. They would monitor the performance of your hardware and software regularly and take steps to make them perform efficiently.
  2. Issue Resolutions – A small bug in your software or malfunctioning of a critical hardware can give nervous moments to your business. The approach of the company towards resolving impending issues is one of the things that decide the success of such an engagement. You need to know more about their issue resolution process. This includes knowledge on whether they offer on-premises support or make any temporary arrangement in terms of hardware or storage till your primary infrastructure is back to operation.
  3. Service Offerings –Your MSP will act as the technology backbone for your business and hence you should choose a managed service partner that offers a wide range of services that not only meet your present day requirements but also can offer new services as and when you need them. From networking to managing anti-virus and cloud solutions, they should be able to offer every kind of IT service that a modern day business needs to gain competitive
  4. Comprehensive Support Services – In today’s world, Information Technology is the backbone of any business house. From acting as repository of all your data and information to being your important communication tool, you can’t afford downtime with your IT systems. Quite understandably, you need to choose managed services in Calgary that offer you comprehensive access to support services through phone and email. The support team should be skilled enough to troubleshoot your problems.
  5. Value for Money – All said and done, you want to work with an MSP that offers you maximum value for money. The fundamental reason people choose these service providers over the in-house team is to cut down on the operational costs of managing IT systems. The company should offer tailored packages to meet the niche needs of your business as well.

Please note each of these factors offers immense benefits to your business and hence you should make no compromises on them. Choose managed services in Calgary from a company that comes with a proven track record as this will ensure you of the best services at the most competitive price.

About the Author: Tim is a technology consultant who helps his clients in making the right choice with managed services in Calgary. He is a regular blogger and writes on technological issues that interest small and large businesses.

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