5 Ways to Generate Electricity

Ways to Generate Electricity
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Generating electricity can be quite an alien thing for many people. But, to generate your own energy is now a real thing. Let us learn how the energy providing companies generate energy and provide it to people. To get electricity supply from a reasonable and best energy providing company you can call on Scottish Power Contact Number.

1. Solar Power

Solar energy is one of the biggest sources of generating electricity. You only need to place a solar cell covering panel directly in the sunlight. The photon energy generated can be converted into DC voltage with 20 amps current to 9 amps current, depending on the module.

The solar power has the ability to charge all the batteries and these batteries can be used at night to provide power to the home.

2. Chemical Source of Electricity

The chemical interaction of the battery cell and the electrolytes in the solution has the ability to generate voltage that can pass current in the connected device. The battery power can easily energize light nd is able to run small motor, pumps, that can light up the entire place or home. The batteries used to generate electricity come in various voltage capacities like 2V, 12V, 8V, 48V, 72V etc. You can also make small voltage batteries for fun to lay mp3 players.

3. Wind Power

Wind is also a good method to generate electric power. Wind helps to blow the wind turbines

Moving wind can cause a propeller to rotate and turn a generator shaft producing electrical energy. Harnessing the energy in the wind is like harnessing the photons in a solar array to produce electricity. Like solar, wind energy is available and renewable. Home wind generators can be installed that typically create 400-800 watts for charging 12V batteries.

4. Thermoelectric Power

The thermoelectric module has the ability to turn DC voltage in current and charge the batteries. The electricity is generated by applying heat to a cylinder that contains piston. To become a good thermoelectric power generator, the material used must have good electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity.

5. Steam Power

To generate electricity from steam power plant fuels like gas, wood, coal or nuclear energy are used. These fuels heat liquid in a boiler to produce high steam and the steam is passed through a rotating turbine to produce electricity. Today, various power plants are functioning on this method.

Our plant, Earth is a very big source of energy. These energies are ready to be used by us. Thanks to our great scientist who discovered electricity and ways to generate electricity. These inventions have certainly made our life very comfortable and easy. The above mentioned method to generate electricity can be used at homes to generate electricity and can help in saving a lot of our money that we end up in paying electric bills. It is certainly not an easy task to generate your own electricity and so, to make your life easy there are several electric power providing companies offering electricity at a very reasonable and pocket friendly rates.

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