9 SEO Techniques That You Should Try Now (Why? Cause They Work!)

More and more brands and entities are prioritizing SEO in DC. Everyone knows how important SEO is when it comes to internet marketing. The constant stream of traffic that one can get from a well-optimized website is very valuable due to the sheer amount of websites there are on the internet.

  1. Get a new web host

Your web host might be serving up your pages slowly which greatly affects how search engines rank you and how people perceive your website. Research shows that 85% of traffic lost is due to slow loading pages. You can migrate to a new web host to solve this issue.

  1. Optimize all media

If you have a website that is image and video heavy, it should be important that you compress your content. An image that is 5 megabytes can be compressed down to 500 kilobytes without any loss of quality as long as the right tools are used. This speeds up your load time and reduces the burden on bandwidth.

  1. Research before posting

Publishing content that has no research backing it is what causes the downfall for many websites. Without researching the content that you have on your pages, you are left with low-quality content that may not be as enticing to both visitors and search engines.

  1. Be the place of research

On the flip side of things, you can publish content that will make you the destination for people that are trying to research for their own content. This is a great strategy because most people are willing to link to their sources which is a good way to link build.

  1. Be better at keywords than your competitors

Your competitors may be using a keyword that you aren’t using. Take advantage of this situation and try to beat them at their own strategy to rank higher than them.

  1. Look ahead

Instead of trying to keep up with the current trends, it’s important for you to look towards the future as well. There’s a reason why websites that are optimized for voice search way before it was famous are suddenly growing rapidly.

  1. Optimize for mobile

Mobile phone users make up for at least 50% of the traffic depending on where you’re from. Make sure that you make your website accessible and visually pleasing to mobile users to keep them engaged.

  1. Focus on the human

It may be tempting to take the advice that you get to improve SEO in DC to try and game the “system”. Though this may benefit you in the short term, there’s still nothing better than getting honest and organic traffic to your website.

  1. Take advantage of your traffic

Place call to actions all over your website strategically. Give people an incentive to share your website with their social media avenues. Don’t be selfish with your outbound links by linking to influencers that may even link back to you.

At Tessa, our team of experts know the SEO in DC like the back of their hand. We build a strategy with you so we can bring your brand to the next level.

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