How to Install a Free Internet Security Suite

Need help in activating your Security Suite? Follow the guidelines below to download and install Security Suite on your Windows. Charter internet service includes a free Security Suite that automatically keeps your computer safe from any malware, virus and hacking threats. Step 1:  Understand the need for a Security Suite A Security Suite protects your Windows or Mac OS X computers, iPhones, and Android devices from any kind of malware or spam getting into. Windows has the weakest built-in security and is the most virus-prone operating system. Therefore, the users…

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How Local Businesses Can Use Custom Sticker Printing

If you think that print marketing could invigorate your marketing efforts, then you are quite right. Print marketing, as contrary to popular belief is still alive and it is essential for businesses who want to sell locally. One of the most innovative inventions in the world of print marketing is sticker marketing. What is it and how you can use it to your benefit? Scroll down to find out. What is Custom Sticker Printing? Custom sticker printing is a service provided by reputed printing companies like Rayacom wherein a custom…

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How To Have Parental Controls On Your Child’s iPhone?

iPhone tempered glass screen

Today’s generation is getting addicted to their phones so easily. They use iPhones more than any other thing that has provided for them. The parents are worried about the health of their children due to the excess use of the iPhone. As for being of the older generation the parents of today’s children know the total truth of the mobile devices and the internet. There are contents or various applications that can affect the children. The parents are worried about their kids knowing or doing something that they might be…

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Watch Online Content on your Television via the Airtel DTH Recharge


Airtel Digital TV, one of the leading DTH service providers in the country introduced the Android- enabled set-top box in the second quarter of 2017 that revolutionized the Direct-to-Home industry in India. With this service the subscribers of Airtel DTH recharge service can watch internet based programs on television besides watching the regular broadcaster channels on TV. The set-top box of the Airtel internet TV is provided with streaming programs of Netflix, YouTube and also allows its subscribers to download Google Play store onto the television set to play games…

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5 Handy iPhone tips & tricks to save your valuable time

The iPhone is said to be the most intuitive smartphone device. While it’s packed with tons of useful features there are loads of handy shortcuts waiting to be explored. The built-in features in the iPhone offer a seamless experience with time-saving benefit. There are many people who look for ways to speed up their phone by using their phone efficiently and saving time. In this article, we will tell you few ways to speed your phone to save your valuable time. Apple will continue to evolve and introduce new features…

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Google Pixel 2: Price, specifications


As in the past year, Google introduced the flagship 5-inch Pixel smartphone. Google Pixel 2 will be introduced this year. The new googlephone finally boasts a beautiful 12-megapixel camera, and although there is no optical stabilization, the picture remains very stable thanks to the digital one. Google Pixel 2 is the flagship, so it is supposed to work quickly and without any brakes to “drag” any programs. What it does with success. A special buzz delivers perfectly smooth operation of the system: for themselves they have optimized, so they tried…

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