The Best Travel Apps for Android Users

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It is that time of the year again when everyone tends to take a vacation and here is when a good travel app comes into picture. A good travel app can make looking for hotels, restaurants, sightseeing attractions, shopping outlets and, most importantly, the airfares very easy. So, we bring to you some of the best travel apps for Android users. These are guaranteed to ensure you have a hassle-free holiday.

1. ixigo Trains

This innovative app really comes handy when you are planning to take a train trip in India. The train booking app allows you to check real-time availability for more than 2,500 trains (which are managed by the Indian Railways) and you can also have a comprehensive search for trains between various cities. There is a lot more you can do with this app. For instance, you can also search for trains with names and train numbers; train routes (for picking the most convenient one for you) and train running status. The highlight of this app is that you get quick updates about PNR status along with your berth allocation.

2. AroundMe

This app may sound a little weird to you but it is one of the best apps for exploring new places or sightseeing attractions while you are travelling. It can search across categories, including bars, movie theatres, banks, hotels, hospitals, taxi depots, restaurants and supermarkets and offers you the best choices in that category. Not only that, AroundMe also gives you the exact distance and driving direction of every option from your existing location.

3. Make My Trip

Want to save some money for your sightseeing and shopping excursions on your vacation? Make My Trip will allow you to do that as this is one app that allows you to search, choose and book the cheapest hotel deals and flight fares, right from your mobile! And there is no need for providing all the information every time you log in as it saves the traveller details. So, its time to throw all your booking worries out the window!

4. ixigo Flight and Hotels

This flight and hotels app is definitely one of the best travel apps for Android users. It covers almost everything related to travel–flight fares, PNR status updates, buses, restaurants, room tariffs, destination guides and the super cool app, Around Me, which searches for all the places and activities around you. It also compares the best options for your hotel or flight bookings from more than 100 travel sites and it hardly takes more than 7 MB on your phone. Interesting! Isn’t it?

5. Trip Advisor

Rated as one of the finest trip planning app, Trip Advisor allows you to take your pick from the best hotels, cheapest airfares, most interesting things to do and best restaurants on your trip. The recent addition of hotel, restaurant and flight booking functionality to this app makes it all the more desirable!

Be a smart traveller and use one of these fabulous apps to make your trip a smooth one.

Author Bio:

This post is submitted by Chandralekha. This time she has written information about travel App for Android. In order to make your trip hassle free use PNR status app, train app, flight and hotel app etc. Hope the information shared about the Travel App may help to plan your trip.

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