Some Cancer Symptoms That Women Should Not Ignore

Cancer Symptoms
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The body of a woman is always changing. Sometimes, the changes that you may think are normal, can be early signs of cancer. These changes should not be overlooked and you should get them checked by a doctor to have a medical analysis. The key to avoid cancer or treat it is to pay attention to the changes that are brought to the body in the early stages.

If you find some changes in your body that are not normal, then you should go for a medical check-up immediately. There are plenty of good oncology specialists in India who can give you the best advice on the changes that you notice in your body. Here are the changes that may be the symptoms of cancer.


Changes in breast

If you notice any development of lumps in your breast, then you need to get the checked by a doctor. Not all limps are cancer but it would be better if a doctor checks them and verifies it. Also tell you doctor about other changes such as discharge from nipples, skim dimpling, redness, scaling of the skin or nipples.


In women, bloating is natural. It will be OK to see whether the symptoms subside in one week or two. but if even after that, the symptoms don’t subside and they are accompanied with weight loss then you need to see your doctor. Constant bloating can be a sign of ovarian cancer. You can have blood tests, ultrasound and a pelvic examination to find the main cause of the problem.

Changes in skin

If you see that there is a significant change in the colour of the skin, size or shape of the mole then it might be a sign of skin cancer. Get your doctor examine your skin thoroughly for better understanding of the condition. This is something you should not wait to get done.

Blood in Stool or Pee

If you see blood in your stool or pee, then you should immediately see your doctor and discuss the issue with him. If the bleeding stays more than one day, then it can be an early symptom of colon cancer. Blood in urine usually leads to bladder cancer or kidney cancer. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

Trouble in Swallowing Food

 If you are not able to swallow your food and it is something that happens often then you need to address the issue seriously. This can be an early sign of throat or oesophagus cancer. It can also be due to stomach cancer as well. Your doctor will be able to do a better examination.

Weight loss without trying

If you find any unexplained weight loss, then you should be a bit cautious. May be this is because of stress or thyroid but you need to be cautious and discuss with your oncologist. He will examine it for any signs of cancer.

When it comes to cancer treatment and diagnosis, you make sure to approach only the best cancer doctors in India because cancer is something that you cannot take chances with.

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