How to Choose the Right Android Application Development Company?

Right Android Application Development
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Since you have landed on this page, it is likely that you are familiar with the benefits of Android app development for your business. You are well-versed with how an Android mobile application can help your brand survive in the market and add to your sales, and are looking forward to hiring an Android app development company.

With the spontaneous increase in the number of Android apps in the market, several companies and experts have entered in the Android app market. The choice has increased which has eventually raised the confusion rate. In such a scenario it can be quite tough for the startups, business leaders, and others to determine which Android app development team is the right choice for them.

With my experience in the Mobile app industry, here I’m listing down a few things you should bear in mind when choosing an Android application development firm. This will prevent getting into the hands of frauds as well as help to make a cost-effective deal.

Tips to Choose the Right Android App Development Company

Do a detailed Market Research

This step might sound absurd in the context of finding an Android application development company but plays a pivotal role in the process. When you dig deeper into the market, you get acquainted with the trending technologies, features, techniques, approaches, and much more. This helps to frame the right app plan as per your business needs as well as act as a factor to choose the experts for building an Android app.

Identify Your App Requirements

Once Market research is done, the next step is to put all the knowledge gained on a paper and decide what all elements you want to add to your app. This will let you get a clear understanding of your app requirements and help to determine if you and your going-to-be app partner are on the same page.

When it comes to entering the mobile market, I suggest beginning with MVP development. This will help to test your app idea with the least yet vital features, and that also without bearing a heavy loss.

In-house or Outsourcing – Which One to Opt?

While both the mobile app development approaches are suitable, it is necessary to check the pros and cons of both the approaches before taking the decision. While In-house guarantees quality and time, the outsourcing helps to enjoy higher Android app development services at a more reliable price. So, think wisely.

Make a List of Developers

Assuming that you have been moved by the irresistible benefits of outsourcing app development, the next step is to choose the right app development company by location. See which location offers services at the least cost (which implies India and other developing nations), and make a list of developers on the basis of the same.

Prefer Companies with Unbeatable Experience

From the list, choose the Android app development companies with higher experience in working with the latest technologies. This will bring a major difference in your app development process. For example, a company with expertise in Kotlin will help you sustain in the tech-savvy market rather than a Java-focused company. Besides, when talking about Android app, there are various hidden challenges, due to platform fragmentation and other such factors. By handing over your app project to the experienced devops, you can get an escape from the hassle related to their challenges. As a result, you can focus completely on other tasks like app marketing.

Check their Portfolio

Since a mobile app is more than coding, it is imperative to have a look at their portfolio. The portfolio can act as a gateway to visualize how your app will look and feel. Apart from the portfolio, you can also ask for the live links of the apps they developed. By testing the Android mobile application thoroughly, you can again take a better decision.

Look for Client Recommendation

The portfolio and live links cannot tell you the inside story. So, don’t hesitate to ask for previous clients contact details. Communicate with them and discuss factors like the quality, time of delivery, hidden cost, communication level, support, etc.

Discuss Your App Idea

When satisfied with all the above factors, contact the company and discuss your app idea. However, avoid sharing the comprehensive app idea without signing an NDA. Just give them a brief idea and ask for their suggestions.

Ask for a Quote

Based on the revised app idea, ask for a quote from the Android app developers. Asking for Android app development cost will make it easier to determine if it is feasible to turn your app idea into reality within your budget or not.

Prefer Quality and Communication

Though the cost factor matters a lot, it is highly recommended to prefer quality and communication. The app quality will enhance your app ratings, reduce the app uninstallation rate, and boost your sales. It will further add value to your business and bank balance. Furthermore, it is significantly important to focus on the communication between the two parties. By being in touch throughout, you can predict the time by which app will be delivered, determine the quality of the app, test the app on the go, and much more.

If an Android app development company fulfils all these factors, wait no more. Hire them and streamline your journey to the app market.

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