Choosing The Right Hair Piece To Complete Your Look

Anyone who has ever put a special outfit together knows the importance of choosing the perfect accessories.  One accessory that you may or may not consider is your hair. Hair is a very versatile accessory as it can be styled to fit any type of occasion, from a wedding or date night to everyday life. If you are not happy with your natural hair, do not worry as there are many different types of hair pieces available for both men and women. So what are some of the most popular?


One of the most well-known types of hair pieces available today is the toupee. There are a variety of reasons that people lose their hair. However, for those who still want the feeling of something on their head, a toupee is a very viable option.  For those who are in the market for a toupee, whether it’s your first or a replacement, here are tips to keep in mind during your search.

Toupees can be bought from a variety of beauty shops or online stores. Once you find the place to buy from, remember you want it to look natural. Try to get one that’s as close to your natural hair color as possible.  You’ll also need to decide if you want it made from natural or synthetic hair.

Hair Extensions

Do you like the look of your natural hair but wish it was longer? Hair extensions may be just the solution you need. There are three major categories to consider when looking at hair extensions. They are strand by strand extensions, weft extensions and clip in extensions.

Strand by strand extensions are small strands of extension hair which are then attached to the user’s natural hair using a variety of techniques. You can have them glued in, weaved in or even heat-fused.

Weft extensions consist of small tracks of hair that form a curtain of hair, which is then attached one track at time.

Clip in extensions offer users the convenience of being able to add and remove the extension at any time.


Next to toupees, wigs are probably one of the most well-known types of hair pieces available today.  There are many different types of wigs available today, including beautiful Bobbi Boss wigs. If you have never purchased one before, keep your face shape in mind. This will help you decide which wig is right for you, because, after all, the more natural it looks, the better you will feel.


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