Whats app beta acquires new enhanced features in a more appropriate way

Whats app

Whatsapp offers a lot of features which is helpful to the users in a number of ways. Especially, with the help of voice calls users chats with their friends freely even if they are in overseas. The free video calling facilitates you with face to face conversation where there is a huge need for these features. It makes use of phone’s internet connection rather than your cell plan’s voice minutes so that there is no need of expensive calling charges. Whatsapp is acquiring some of the new features on a…

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4 Perfect Ways to Exhilarate your Weekends Near Delhi


A Dehradun to Delhi taxi, is a common sight on any weekend or vacation. Going places and traveling provides a perfect escapade for the tired souls and tangled minds. Delhiites seek for such a respite and set their cars to reach a nice place, away from the bustle of the city. Even people from faraway cities, first reach Delhi and then make ways to the places near Delhi, which are not more than 100-200 km from the city. To do such an excursion, one can look up for taxis and…

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Use of Ciss and refilling cartridge in modern Printer

refilling cartridge

Now in the technical world, Computer and printer are becoming the major part of our life. Printer take very important role in our business or personal life. Everyone wants to take a print copy of his thought on paper. So printer becomes a part of the computer. And to drive, printer you need cartridge. A cartridge is a device which continuous supply of ink to a printer, we can say cartridge gives the power or ink for a printer to take print. When you buy any printer, then you should…

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A Must Read for Colored Selfie Stick Design Users Who Are Planning to Go to Japan or South Korea

Colored Selfie Stick Design

Selfie sticks make it more convenient for people to take selfies. Try visiting c2bpromo.com because there are many kinds of promotional colored selfies stick designs to choose from there! Other than that, are you planning to go to other places anytime soon? How about Japan or South Korea? Then you MUST READ this first! JAPAN Just recently, JR West (West Japan Railway Company) has banned people from using selfie sticks at about 1,200 stations. In just several months, Japan has already reached an annual record for the most foreign tourists…

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MacBook Pro – Today’s Youth Love To Use Portable And Light Gadgets


This is the reason of increasing number of laptop users day by day. Nowadays People always give first priority to buy a laptop instead of desktop PCs for their personal use. Laptops can be easily carried anywhere, anytime during travelling also. Today everybody wants own laptop and think always to buy a branded laptop likes Apple’s MacBook. Apple is always known for its high quality gadgets. That’s why people blindly trust in it. Apple sells a huge number of gadgets and its accessories for the increase its functionality. Money is…

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Convert Microsoft Outlook PST File into Multiple Formats

Microsoft Outlook PST Converter

Data accessibility depends on various factors like its format, integrity, application availability, etc. In case any file is not accessible due to unavailability of any particular application, file conversion can be a solution, which can make that file accessible in many other applications. PST Converter is an important application, which comes under such commercial utilities to perform conversion of files. This tool performs the conversion of Outlook application PST file to several other file formats and which can be then accessed easily. The section below will discuss about the PST…

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A review about acer laptop

acer laptop

The buzz about about laptops nowadays is a bit quieter. All the gossip about computers seems to be centred around ultrabooks and tablets. However, there are still people who are getting aware of the virtues of computers and purchasing their first PCs. College students, for instance, need proper laptops which have full functionalities and an optical disc drive to do much of their work. The tablet falls short of much of their needs. But is it possible to buy a good configuration laptop under a reasonable price range similar to…

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