Diversity in fashion will never be enough

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In the current times the fashion is ruling the world. You follow the latest fashion or you will never be noticed in today’s fashion conscious world. So, prepare yourself for the most recent fashion drift of this year. When you talk about fashion the initial thing we connect with it is women. The women in the contemporary times are actually fashion crazy and can go to any extent to stay with the up-to-the-minute trends.

The fashion gurus this year have forecasted that the hottest hip hop craze in women will be thick knits and if you are keen to dominate the winter world and be among the fashionable women, you have to follow this latest trend. No matter how much diverse trends you follow , every season you will find something different and fashionable.

You might follow the latest trends but it is also significant that what you wear should suit your age and makes you look good. The fashion industry is booming and flourishing as it always takes advantage of the fact that everybody just loves to look eye-catching and stylish. Though the fashion trends are more in women but these days men also do not lag behind and they also want to look professional and smart.


By flicking the pages of fashion magazines, you come across the latest designs like in the autumn and winter you will come across:

  • Deep textured fabric and energetic colors will be in vogue.

  • You will also come across the trendy jumper sweaters and the modish knitted scarves

  • You will also find laddered stocking back again and will stay in the fashion world. It is normally worn with the short skirt. You can have a best pick at Fashion My Day, as it offers a wide variety and you will never be disappointed.

In The Spring you will find the latest and trendy clothes log on to the Fashion My Day, where you will find the most recent collection of Myaddiction, TOG and Lyla.

  • You will see transparent clothing is back with a bang and many people will go for one side shouldered dress so get ready to lose the extra kilos that is making you look fat.

  • Denim skirts are also going to rock the fashion world.

Men’s wear this season:


  • You will get lot of denim all around may it pants, jeans or jackets this year.

  • The athletic jerseys will also dominate the market and will never be out of fashion.

  • You will again find striped shirts and dress pants.

  • Black and dark colored leather jackets will again be seen all around in the show rooms.

  • Embroidery will again be seen on the denim pants and jackets and Fashion My Day will offer you the latest collection.

These are some of the fashionable trends that are going to dominate the international world but the most imperative point that you should take notice of is that you should always chase the fashion that really suits your style and body type or else instead of appearing trendy and stylish you will certainly look weird.



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