The Perks and Drawbacks of Face Book on students

Drawbacks of Face Book on students

In the era of technology and digitization, it is very essential for everyone to stay in touch with the latest technology and the social media platforms to stay in touch in order to gain better insight of the information related to various topics. Though, there are various advantages and drawbacks of the social media platforms. One of the most commonly and popularly used application by the students if face book. Here are some of the drawbacks and the advantages of this social media platform to help you understand it better.…

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Top Features to Look For In a Competency Measurement Tool

Competency Measurement Tool

An increased number of organisations are adapting to a competency based attitude, when it comes to the management of their talent. It is an assured way to analyse the present performance of an employee or a student in an organisation and the way in which he or she might fit into the future prospects that are being offered by the organisation. Selecting a proper competency measurement tool requires a bit of research done for the purpose. How will you know if the choice that you have made is the right…

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The Montessori Principles to Learn Naturally

If your child is not yet a part of the Montessori School education system, then you need start practicing “The Montessori Principles” for a better tomorrow at home – whether or not you own traditional Montessori materials. Milton Montessori School system practices the natural learning methods for a child to learn. These principles mentioned below are a great way for your preschooler to learn through the natural needs without specific materials and environment: Observe and Follow Your Child’s Interest The most important principle in Montessori is to observe a child’s…

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Coaching in Computer Science and University Grants Commission Examination

University Grants Commission Examination

University Grants Commission or UGC is a well recognised body. Formed in the year 1956 it is functioning as a very vital statutory body in selecting candidates for lectureship. The Chairman of the organisation is Prof Ved Prakash. History behind the birth of UGC There is a long history behind the birth of University Grants Commission. In 1945 in order to look after the proper functioning of three central universities mainly Aligarh, Banaras and Delhi UGC was established. Later in the year 1947 its power was uplifted by entrusting them…

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Things to Keep in Mind during NID Test Preparation for Better Success

Being a designer is one of the most exciting jobs out there. One gets to explore many creative things while being a designer. When you want to be a designer, then first of all, you need to explore your creative side and secondly you must have the best training and education so that you could apply your creative skills to the right direction. NID or National Institute of designing is one of the most premium institutes that provide professional courses in the field of designing. Every aspirant who wants to…

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10 strategies for Maths in school

strategies for Maths

Maths is a compulsory subject in the board examination. The subject being a top scoring one can fetch you good marks and can even raise your percentage. But also the subject is famous for being difficult. It scares the wit out of many students. 1. Start early The best way to ace the subject is having an early start. You cannot master the subject in a few days. So, kickstart your studies and practice for the subject right from the start of the year. 2. Practice Mathematics is all about…

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Why do we abhor Maths?

abhor Maths

When it comes to Math, most students are terrified with the prospect of studying it. Math anxiety is a common phenomenon that is considered when examining students’ problems in mathematics. Even students who have fondness for maths till middle school, suddenly develop an apprehension as when they move up the classes. In fact math anxiety is so common that there is a Math Anxiety Measurement Scale developed as early as 1972. The math anxiety can be related to test taking and performance anxiety. Some researchers have suggested a strong relation…

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