Ek Mukhi Rudraksha – A Rare Object

Mukhi Rudraksha
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A Rudraksha bead has certain number of faces called mukhis. Each mukhi is associated with a ruling god, planet or mantra. A person can choose to wear Rudraksha as suggested by the astrologer. Usually rudraksha are suggested as an astrological remedy. So if you truly believe in god and astrology then you ought to believe in these astrological remedies as well.

Why do people wear Rudraksha?

Indians are known to be superstitious. But when a person is dealing with a problem for a long period of time, then as human tendency we sometimes start believing in these supernatural powers of god like wearing stones or beads. Rudraksha is associated with Lord Shiva and hence has huge significance in Indian mythology. Hence, people facing troubles in their lives normally turn to these astrological remedies for cure. Such people can wear Rudraksha as per the problem pertaining to their ruling planet. If you want to cure your troubles you need to wear Rudraksha or the rosary all the time until the problem is sought.

Mukhi Rudraksha

What kind of Rudraksha should I wear?

Depending on your ruling planet, you can wear Rudraksha. As mentioned earlier, each mukhi of rudraksha is associated with a specific planet. You can identify your ruling planet and according to that you can wear it. You can either wear it as a pendant or as rosary (A string of beads). For instance, if your birth chart indicates Sun as your ruling planet, then you should wear ek mukhi rudraksha.

How long does it take the remedies to effect?

Usually the effects are seen immediately after wearing the beads after following traditional procedures of wearing it. Some people say that the benefits can be seen in a month or two as well. But it all depends on the genuinely of the rudraksha. Therefore, you must purchase rudraksha from genuine store. You may find store owners selling artificial rudraksha claiming it a real one but don’t fall in prey. There are many artificial genuine looking rudraksha in the market that are expensive.

How to Buy Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Mala?

A good beaded ek mukhi rudraksha mala will have 108 beads, each of a size of a gram. It is not easy to find ek mukhi rudraksha as it one of the rarest pieces found in the world. It can completely change life of a person because of its great and uncommon divine power. As per the Shiv puran, if someone wears this rudraksha, this person is always protected by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati like a shadow in order to maintain the reputation and solemnity of the ek mukhi rudraksha. It is usually worn by politicians or businessman.

Today one can do ek mukhi rudraksha mala shopping online as well. There are many stores that sell genuine beads. But keep in mind, because it’s very rare to be found, the ek mukhi rudraksha can be very costly. Also be careful while buying the beads. Buy it from a reputable store and ask for the verification certificate.

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