Fast Relocation like a Magic

Abhijit was a professional magician living in Ranchi for the past ten years. His time in there was going fine until and unless he found a new sponsor in Jamshedpur. This new sponsor was really a big one and he wanted Abhijit to arrive at Jamshedpur and do shows there. It was a real career prospect for Abhijit and so he did not want to miss it. Soon he informed the sponsor that he would be heading to Jamshedpur, to the new place that he had chosen for him.

There was, however, one problem ahead. That was that Abhijit had a lot of equipments for magic and that needed to be relocated to Jamshedpur as well. This was a very complicated task as there were many equipments that were large as well as extremely private and so Abhijit had to take them hush hush to Jamshedpur. At the same time, these things were extremely sensitive and so even the tiniest of mishap on road or mal-handling could affect the equipments for a large extent. So it was a real challenge for Abhijit to take them to Jamshedpur for his shows.

His day for journey was coming fast. Abhijit knew he had to opt for a relocation service and so he tried for that. There were some regional packers and movers services and he contacted them. But it was of very little use. Firstly they accepted the fact that they had not tackled the equipments such as like the ones Abhijit has and secondly, taking them all by road to Jamshedpur was not their cup of tea. Other than that they were also asking for exorbitant charges for the work.

Abhijit was increasingly becoming frustrated by this. Only a few days before his journey he came to know from a friend of his that the APM India Relocation services was a very good options for the kind of requirement that he had. His fiend also mentioned that he had first hand experience with this Packers and Movers Jamshedpur company and that they were really dedicated for the service.

Having taken the number from his friend, Abhijit called and was heartily welcomes. Then he told the person on the other side of the phone about his requirement. He also did not forget to mention that he was on hurry. The person on the other side of the phone assure him and mentioned that a person from their company will visit Abhijit’s house the very day. That did happen and the representative came and took note of all the requirements that abhijit had. After that he gave a quote and departed.

Just a day before the relocation, a team of experts came to Abhijit’s house and inspected the equipments properly. Accordingly the next day they came early in the morning with appropriate vehicles, where those equipments could rightly be arranged. Then the vehicles departed soon after followed by Abhijit by train. When Abhijit reached to the house selected by the sponsor for him, he saw that the vehicles were already there. After unloading Abhijit was happy to discover that none of the equipments and props were damaged. He thanked the team with full heart.

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