Fingerprint-Controlled Garage Doors?

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Garage door manufacturers have created an innovative method for opening and closing one’s garage door—fingerprint recognition!  It involves impressive, yet easy to use, sensor technology.  There are garage doors which can be controlled through cell-phone/device apps but fingerprint recognition is the ‘new kid on the technology block’ when it comes to garage door control.  These fingerprint devices don’t require any handheld device at all, except for a single finger.

No Codes, No PINS, No Worries:

A panel, about the size of a small TV remote, is installed outside the garage door; and a weatherproof cover securely seals the panel from rain, dust and the elements.   Access to one’s garage is quick, safe and secure.  All one has to do is slide the protective cover upward and wait a few seconds for the blinking LED light display to become steady.  Then, one slowly glides their finger down the recessed path on the panel face.  Within seconds of recognizing the fingerprint, the garage door responds.

There are no passcodes to remember and no passcode theft to be concerned about since information cannot be passed onto others.  Only those who have their fingerprints programmed into the memory card of the remote panel can ever open the door.  Some fingerprint recognition openers can program up to ten different people at one time; and prints in the system can be eliminated or replaced, if necessary.

Installation Garage door And Programming Are Easy:

The panel is extremely easy to install and requires only 2 screws and 4 AAA batteries.  Once the batteries have been installed, just attach the panel where it would be the most convenient for all family members,  and you’re good to go!

The initial user, who will be the first to ‘install’ his fingerprint, will need to read the directions which accompany the device on how to program his print, first.  Once his print is in the system, the steps would go as follows:

1—Open the cover and wait until the ‘begin’ LED light starts to blink.

2—Once the ‘begin’ LED light blinks, the ‘activate’ button will need to be pressed and held down until the ‘activate’ button, itself, begins to flash, also.

3—While the ‘activate’ LED is flashing, the user who already has his print memorized in the system, will slide his finger down the recessed path on the face of the panel.

4—It is then that the device, which would still be dually blinking, would be ready for a new user to be programmed into the system, using a slow swipe of his or her finger.   New users need to glide their fingers down the recessed sensor path three times to ensure their prints have been recognized.  A special light on the panel would indicate that a successful identification was established.

5—The panel will return to ‘ready’ mode and the next user would go through the same steps as the persons before him, to become programmed into the system.

There’s Touchless, Too:

A different style of a fingerprint-recognition device utilizes a completely touchless method.   Those who are programmed into its system, simply wave their finger in front of the panel and the identification will be acknowledged with a blinking light.

Interestingly, some older models of garage-door openers can utilize this fun technology as well; and all one would need to do is contact their garage-door manufacturer to see if their door type would be compatible for fingerprint recognition.

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