Gift Ideas For Your Hipster Friends

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Make no mistake, shopping for your hipster buddy isn’t something to take lightly. You really need to do some hectic research to know what he’ll enjoy. Luckily we have many hipster friends and we know exactly what kind of gifts they are looking for.

Don’t know how to identify a hipster and whether your friend falls into that category? Here’s a quick summary of the definition of a hipster. Hipsters are people who value independent thinking, they shy away from the system and appreciate people who don’t follow tradition and think for themselves. They enjoy indie rock, intelligence, witty conversations and creativity. Most hipsters we’ve seen enjoy retro things as well, or something that was used before it became cool.

So…onto the gifts!

Coffee Bean Grinder

Who makes their own coffee anymore? No one! So that’s why giving them a coffee bean grinder, to make their own coffee, makes perfect sense! As a bonus you can also go and visit them and enjoy a hot steaming freshly grinded cup of coffee.

Delicious Instagrams

Hipsters love taking photos of themselves or of things with “deep” meanings behind it. Get a hold of their gallery of black and white’s and print them on edible paper and put them on cupcakes or cookies (humming bird bakery, Lola’s Cupcakes, and Primrose Bakery). This way they can chat about their photos while you munch down on some delicious treats.

Guitar String Bracelets

Hipsters are in love with their guitars, if they could marry a guitar they would probably. That’s why you need to get them a guitar string bracelet, even better if you can make one from a string from their own guitar (without destroying the actual guitar of course).


Nothing says old school like an ecosphere. It’s a small eco system where shrimp, sea monkeys and other organisms. You’ll definitely get a few ooh’s and aah’s from this one.


You remember that old thing? Well it’s still cool and we wish we had one too. Classic retro games can be found on this console and you’ll probably love visiting them and reminiscing on some games while you play

If you’re still at a total loss here are a few suggestions of what you can buy them:

  • Skinny Jeans
  • Crocheted Cup Cozy
  • Wooden polished pipe to smoke from
  • Retro glasses for them to wear (even indoors)


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