Going Digital Makes Call Sheet Organization A Breeze

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At a time when going digital is the norm, interactive apps that makes call sheet organization a breeze are making waves. After all, people and time management takes on a whole new meaning for casts and crew working in films. And with all the motion and haste, a call sheet is the vital document that keeps everything together with a level of efficiency. Here are some nifty things you can do with a call sheet app:

Create Call Sheets on the Go

You don’t have to be in your office facing a computer to create a call sheet. You can be productive wherever you are since all you need is your smartphone to access the call sheet tool. The tool syncs with the computer in your office so no time is ever wasted.

One-click Distribution

Distribution of a call sheet to the cast and crew is done with the click of a button. Even if the rest of the crew doesn’t have a call sheet app, they’ll still receive an interactive and PDF copy of the call sheet via their email. You’ll get an automatic delivery report as well to ensure that everyone received a copy of the document. Say goodbye to crew’s excuses such as not receiving or losing their copy of their call sheets. With this tool, these excuses won’t be valid anymore.

Stay on Top of Things

Want to stay on top of the latest weather updates and important emergency info for your location? Want to send an important message to the crew or the entire cast? With call sheet organization tool, you will find weather updates and emergency info when you key in your location; and you can share this information immediately with your crew members. In addition, the app also makes keeping in touch with everyone a breeze with the internal note feature of the call sheet tool. What used to be tedious work is made simpler with this mobile app.

Look for Resources Wherever You Are

Looking for additional vendors, talent, and crews? You don’t need to look far since a call sheet tool will have a list of all resources you will need. You can search by location, names, or categories; and track reviews of a possible candidate to ensure that you hire only the best talent. Similarly, you can also have your services listed, and even showcase your portfolio so that clients who might have need of your work can find you easily.

Features Galore

Who says call sheet organization has to be a dreary chore? The entire industry rests on the shoulder of creativity, so a little variation of the traditional call sheet can be a very refreshing twist. You can add visuals to your documents; perhaps a snapshot of your location or some graphics added to your storyboard would make the call sheet even more interesting to the rest of the crew members.

If recent trends are any indication, going digital is the future. In an industry where last minute modifications and updates are the norm, using a call sheet organization tool is the easiest way to stay ahead of the changes.


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