Your Hair Are Your Crown: Protect Them with Organic Care and Sulfate Free Shampoo

sulfate free shampoo
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Hair are the essential part of your physical beauty. Not only they give you an elegant look but also increase the confidence. But nowadays, with the use of chemical products and hair styling, many people are facing a common issue of hair loss. Such types of issues are common with seasonal change but not necessarily, it is just because of seasonal change. It could be also because you do not have sulfate free shampoo or your hair habits are not good.

sulfate free shampoo

Therefore, here we have brought you with the organic hair care where you can save your hair being damaged. And the first most tips start with changing of shampoo habit.

Are you using sulfate-based shampoo?

Shampooing and cleansing your hair are healthy habits but shampooing with chemicals and detergents is not at all healthy. On contrast, these detergents based shampoos only and only harm the health of your hair and make them brittle and devoid of moisture.  Therefore, the healthy habit is that you go green and stop using the detergents. These detergents are not your best friend and thus, keep away from these.

What are other essential tips for organic hair care?

  • Apply herbal hair mask: For the proper nutrition of your hair, you can prepare an herbal hair mask with Triphala and Aloe Vera gel to massage your hair. You must leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse it will water. If it is Luke warm water, then it is better.
  • Sesame is the best conditioner: Sesame oil and Olive oils are best for treating the hair damage and split ends. Apply the oil for at least 1 hour and rinse it with a shampoo free of sulfate. You can also keep the oil for overnight.
  • Don’t bake but rinse your hair with baking soda: Baking soda are also miraculous when applied on hair. They make hair glossy and shiny. The baking soda can be included in your shampooing regime too.
  • Go coconut, massage your scalp with coconut oil: Coconut oil despite healthy for food habits, is also healthy for hair. A surplus massage with coconut oil can leave your hair nourished and make them stronger and shinier. At least a 30-minute massage is a must.
  • Be organic, eat healthier: Have you ever thought of the fact that your bad food habits are also bad for hair. Well, yes, they do are. Therefore, change your bad food habit and replace it with good habits of eating green and leafy vegetables as much as possible.

Hair are fibers that are very easy to be damaged and destroyed if revealed to harsh chemicals. So why would you use detergents to wash it which are equally used for washing the clothes? Therefore, with all 5 organic habits of hair care, include the sulfate free shampoo in your organic habit so that your locks are more natural and healthier.

Last but not the least, try to apply less styling products because they somewhere damage the hair keratin, and make them brittle.

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