How Healthy is Brown Rice?

basmati rice
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We know that brown rice is said to be great for the body but many of us are not sure why. Before the refining process begins, any rice looks like brown rice. This rice has bran and hull which is packed with natural wholeness. It is rich in thiamine, proteins, magnesium, calcium, fibre, etc.

Organic brown basmati rice can help you shed weight, is good for diabetics, healthy staple in the diet and is also low in salt.  Let’s further break down some advantages of eating brown rice on a regular basis: –

1. Rich in selenium –Brown rich is extremely rich in selenium that means it reduces any development of cancer, arthritis and heart diseases. Why wouldn’t you want to safeguard your family and yourself from all these health problems?

basmati rice

2. Packed with Manganese –A cup of this rice will give your body 80% manganese which is the daily requirement. This will help synthesize the fats in the body and also help the nervous system. In short it helps in weight loss and also maintaining any weight you have shed. You can also stay fit and the same balance weight by having this rice in your regular meals.

3. Rich in fibre – Fibre is great for the digestive system and also keeps your tummy free from any troubles. You will not face any bowel problems at all once you add this rice to your day to day diet. It also fills up the stomach which means you will not have large meals after every few hours. Fibre is also good for those who are aiming towards a flat belly. You can have a small cup of boiled brown rice with your salad diets to achieve better results.

4. Whole grain – Brown rice is considered to be whole grain. It is the non-refined form of white rice and has endless minerals packed within. This will not cause build up of any kind of fats and keep you active throughout the day. Opt for basmati rice whole grain after a hectic workout session or include it with your regular lunches to see changes in your body. It is also low in salt!

5. Packed with anti-oxidants – Anti-oxidants are always good for the perfect body and health. We often turn to various fruits and vegetables to get our intake of anti-oxidants but if you are a fan of eating rice, you can simply have your usual brown rice and curry to get your share of anti-oxidants every day.

6. Low in sugar – Brown rice is a saviour for diabetics. If you love eating rice but have high diabetes, you must switch to brown rice. It helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels and is low in sugar content. It also reduces the risk of diabetes by 65%. Do we need to say more?

Brown rice is slowly catching on to the trend in houses, but it is time to jump on the bandwagon and do something food for your body. You will not just improve your health internally but also get the perfect body you have been wanting!

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