How QR Code Marketing Can Bring New Life Into Your Restaurant

QR Code Marketing
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There is perhaps no industry that faces more challenges when looking for new customers than the restaurant industry. Even in a relatively small town there are a ton of choices that are open to each individual, and many great spots end up getting left by the wayside because customers just never get around to it. If you want to avoid this fate with your restaurant, then you need to be proactive. You need to be cutting edge. You need to introduce QR Code marketing into your advertising strategy. QR Codes are easy to learn/put to use, and they’re building healthy customer bases for all types of businesses.

 QR Code Marketing

Here is how they can benefit your restaurant:

You Can Advertise Anywhere For A Low Price

This is probably one of the best things about QR codes: they’re tiny bits of “code” that can be read by almost any smartphone or other mobile device with a camera. They’re eye catching while being unobtrusive. They’re EASY to place anywhere, and only cost as much as the stickers or paper that you print them on. You can place a classic advertisement pointing out the best things about your restaurant while placing a code within that offers something unique (discussed more below), or you can pique more interest by just placing the code itself somewhere (say a bus stop) and letting your customers figure out what’s going on themselves.

Coupons And Contest Are Easier Than Ever

One of the best methods at gaining new customers for a restaurant is to offer your product at a discounted rate. This brings in customers who feel like they’re getting a deal, lets them try out your great products, and then hooks them to come back for regular pricing because your food and service was just that good. Most restaurants will place coupons in weekly newspaper mailings or partner with coupon providers who mail out once a month. This is far too hit and miss, especially when you consider how often coupons get lost. With a QR code though, anyone with a smartphone can gather and keep your coupons handy until they need it on a device that they never part from!

You Can Corner The Youth Market

Restaurants, like most businesses, cater themselves to that lucrative 18-34 market. These buyers are the base that can become lifelong customers if you do things right, and they’re at the stage in life where they tend to eat out more often than they cook at home. This is also the demographic that has proven to adopt QR codes the most widely. If you are thinking long-term with your restaurant, then you need these customers on your side. By being one of the companies that utilize QR code technology, you place yourself right at the front  of the minds of the youth in your market.

Marketing with QR codes is one of the hottest methods of customer acquisition out there today, and with good reason. If you’re looking to bolster the clientele of your restaurant, then the way forward is clear: you need to start using this marketing method!

Ghaida Eliza is a freelance author who has interest in writing about social media marketing, mobile marketing, and text marketing. She is currently working as a freelance author for Trumpia.

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