How To Secure Your Business From Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime
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There is never a better time to check the security of your computers and mobile devices. You should not rely on antivirus programs alone. Making a robust security system is key to protecting your company’s overall wellbeing. This year, even companies thought to have the best security systems have been hacked and important data have been compromised. Cybercriminals were able to have access to sensitive information, personal and even top-secret information.

The Facts

2 out of 3 small businesses rely on the Internet for daily operations but more than 75% don’t actually have a written security policy for their employees. They don’t have Internet safety training and only 50% clear their machines of data before disposing them.

Telecommuting and mobile working is now the new norm of most businesses. This type of working environment has escalated the threat to a company’s cyber security. It is imperative that employees secure all their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. The thing about this is, it’s not always easy to protect an employee’s device as both personal and work-related apps and programs are installed in their devices. One solution is to be able to remotely wipe a device clean when it gets lost or stolen.

Be updated

Be updated with the latest technology. Update your browsers, operating systems, etc. These updates are very important as they also contain necessary security updates for your software, program or app. Update your anti-malware programs.

Be anonymous or be protected

There are security tools available to make yourself anonymous whenever you surf the Internet. If you can’t make yourself invisible, make sure that you are protected by only visiting web pages with an HTTP(S) prefix. You can also protect your WiFi networks with a VPN. Firewalls are also very important tools to have in your computers. No, you can’t skip firewalls and antivirus programs.

Change your passwords from time to time. Tell your employees to do the same for corporate accounts that are accessed online. You can also use encryption tools to secure all the web pages that your employees visit.

Make cyber security a company-wide policy. Talk to your IT people to find out how strong your system is. Make all the necessary arrangements to protect your business. Sure it’s an investment but it’s a very useful one. Protecting yourself, your company, your employees and most especially your customers is one of the ingredients for success.


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