Is Xiaomi Trying to Kill the Flagship Killer?

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Over the past few years, OnePlus has been able to maintain the brand image of being the “Flagship Killer” by rolling out smartphone devices with industry leading specification, every year. The company set itself apart from the rest of the smartphone manufacturers by challenging the conventional business model. The offered the best possible hardware specifications in the least possible prices. This is what allowed OnePlus to compete head-on with the likes of Samsung and Apple. At slightly more than $500, OnePlus is offering a powerhouse that can practically compete with the industry flagships that costs more than $800.

The latest iteration of the smartphone from OnePlus houses the most powerful mobile processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 845 and armed with 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM. On paper, these specifications are a serious bang for the buck, that has made OnePlus, one of the most popular smartphones, especially in the Indian market. This makes it a perfect smartphone for a wide range of users, starting from working professionals managing multiple email accounts to students using paper writing service apps. The massive popularity of OnePlus smartphones has a rattled the market of the dominant brands especially Xiaomi.

Xiaomi, now has decided to beat OnePlus in its own game that is, it wants to kill the flagship killer by using the strategy of aggressive pricing. Xiaomi has announced a new sub-brand called Poco. As uninteresting as the name sounds, it has managed to gain a lot of attention and press. The newly announced Poco F1, houses almost the same specifications in terms of processors, storage and RAM, but comes at a jaw dropping price of around $300. Although the company has to cut costs in several frontier, but it promises to deliver performance on the grounds of speed and user experience, which is at par with that of other flagship phones.

Given the extremely aggressive pricing of the phone, a lot of people have taken to the social media to express their scepticism towards the overall quality of the device. Major tech reviewers and academic essay writing service providers have confirmed that the new Poco F1 is indeed what it promises to be. It offers the best possible performance, while being highly affordable to the mass market. However, it remains to be seen that if their aggressively penetrating pricing strategy is enough to break through the brand loyalty of the OnePlus customers. In terms of brand preference and awareness, OnePlus has definitely made a place in the hearts of thousands. The community-oriented marketing has allowed the company to create a cult of loyal customers who holds the brand to be very dear to them.

It should be noted that at present Xiaomi has announced the Poco F1 only for the Indian market. It clearly highlights that it wants to nullify the superior the OnePlus holds in this market. Despite of all the speculations, the reality can only be confirmed when the two contenders meet head-on, on the field. A marketing war like this is likely to become a popular among case studies or business college essay examples.

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