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ruby jewelry earring
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Rubies are the red color gemstone, comes from the corundum family of minerals. A natural ruby varies in color from light red to deep bloody red. It often has tinge, for instance purplish cast. The variation and range increase the charm and uniqueness of each gemstone.

For all those, who born in July month, Ruby is your birthstone. It doesn’t mean others can’t wear it. In fact, globally ruby is considered as the most favorite one. And as the red color is correlated with the feeling of enduring love and zeal, that’s the foremost reason that ruby jewelry earring has been always in demand.

Ruby jewelry earring

Here is the list of a few things, which you should consider before buying a ruby ornament:


After diamond, ruby is considered as the second hardest gemstone. Rubies are measured at 9 on the Mohs’ scale. Contrast this with a diamond which shows 10 and turquoise, which is relatively soft, that is, 5-6.

  1. The deep bloody red is always high in demand. The natural ruby comes in deep and brighter red color.
  2. Few of them range from red with light yellowish to orange hues.
  3. And some of them are reddish with blue in color to purplish tint.
  1. Almost all rubies are treated with heat and flame to improve its clarity and color.
  2. Sometimes, dyes are used to enhance or improvise the color of ruby gemstone.
  3. And many times, even coatings are used to obscure facet rupture. But, with time coatings will wear off.
  1. Burmese are the main origin of natural rubies. And it is mull over as the most beautiful and mesmerizing example of the stone.
  2. Other than Burmese, you can find quality rubies in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Kenya, Madagascar and Vietnam.
  3. And the other qualities of ruby stone are found in further parts of the earth, including the United States.

Likewise, many other gemstones, rubies can also be created in a lab. Labs creation is usually affordable choice when you’re purchasing a ruby, but you should always know the origin of the stone.

ruby jewelry earring


The natural occurring ruby, which is deep red in color are enormously expensive. That’s the reason now labs created rubies are also found in the market. The person who can’t splurge over his/her monthly salary can buy a lab created rubies at a cut-rated price.




Before you start shopping for ruby trinkets, you should know

  1. Big, high-quality, original rubies are rarely found and are very expensive. Before buying the original one and spending whole lot of money, you should convoyed by a report from a competences gem laboratory that accredits their realism or accuracy.
  2. Always purchase ruby jewelry or any other jewelry from trustworthy and reputable dealers who discern what they are selling and who are willing to reveal all the dealing that has been executed on the stone.

So, in my opinion, these are some nitty-gritty about ruby which you should be familiar with before buying it.

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