Malvan, a beautiful­interesting port city offering best holidays

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With its transcend tourist attractions, Malvan is among the must visit tourist destinations in India. The good thing is there lies several hotels in Malvan, offering best services to all types of guests and making their stay comfortable and pleasant.

Malvan is an interesting small port town in the southern most district in the state of Maharashtra. It is widely popular for being the home to Sindhudurg fort, which was built by the Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj. Besides the fort, the town is also popular for its beautiful quiet beaches, perfect as one desires a beach to be, and the temples, man-made structures and nature built structures. Fishing is the prime occupation in the town. Additionally, the town is also popular for producing Alphonso mangoes and also for the sweets like Malvani Khaja and Malvani Ladoos. The climate here is generally warm and humid, however the perfect sun-kissed beaches that are clean and receive cool breeze are perfect to chill and relax.

Malvan as a tourist destination is an ideal place to spend relaxed holiday at a beautiful tranquil place that is bestowed by the nature’s riches. Arriving at the town is an easy affair. If you are coming from Mumbai there exist excellent roads connecting both the cities. The distance between the two is 514 km. In fact the roads are the best modes to arrive at the city. Plus, Malvan is about 140 km from Ratnagiri.

Malavan is a small city and the best way to get around is on foot. It is the best mode to explore the attractions of city. The good thing is that all the attractions are easily accessible from anywhere in the city and are in vicinity to each other. Relaxing and relishing the best of hospitality in a quiet place surrounded by the motherly nature, is the most popular activity among the tourists. It is a perfect place to kick-back, enjoy good food, and spend lazy day at the beaches. The beaches of the city are easily among the most clean and tranquil ones you have been to so far. The city is as bit as beautiful as one has heard. A couple of the places to visit in Malavan that one shouldn’t miss at any cost include: Sindhudurg Fort, Medha, Tarkarli, Rock Garden, Devbag, Chivia beach, Tarkarli Beach, Malvan beach, Ghumdai Mandir, Talashil Beach, Devki Mata Temple, and Malvan Wildlife Sanctuary.

Scuba Diving at the Dandi Beach is yet another popular activity among the tourists. It is about 3 km from the Malvan Bus Stand is a must do for the tourists. It includes a 20 minutes dive. The depth is about 20-25 ft deep. The good thing is that it requires no training as the diving instructor will be there to guide you. In addition, if you find scuba diving difficult then there’s Snorkeling available.
For the foodies, Malvan offers plenty of opportunities to relish. The city is famous for the sea food. Hotel Chaitnya, Mr. Vidyadhar Padawe’s masala shop, and Revankar’s Cafeteria & Family Homestay are some of the best places to gusto the best culinary food of the city. Meanwhile, finding accommodation in the Malavan is a simple affair. There exist some excellent hotels in Malvan . Hotel Sagar Kinara, Hotel Chivala Beach, Lishan Lake Resort Dhamapur, Rosary House, Z-Sagar Sangam Resort, and Annapurna Niwas are some of the highly rated hotels that one may choose to consider when in the city.

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