Why You Should Consider Buying Unlocked Phones NYC

unlocked gsm phones NYC

A vast majority of tech-savvy youngsters prefer unlocked cell phones which work out and cheaper. In modern generation buying phones from the supermarket or dealers is old fashioned. You can easily buy unlocked phones NYC with a great discount. Why people are drawn to unlocked phones in us? In US most of the phones are locked to a particular telecom service. This means is the phone cannot be used except for that particular network. You won’t be allowed to use the same device on another network even if the device…

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How is Artificial Intelligence Adding Value to the Mobile Industry?

Artificial Intelligence Adding Value to the Mobile Industry

Artificial Intelligence is in the headlines every now and then. The technology has revamped the travel, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and various other business verticals. But the least noticed is: Mobile Industry. Artificial Intelligence has made drastic changes in the mobile industry, some of the prevalent ones are:- Major Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Industry Impeccable Conversational Experience The biggest pain point of the users is that their requests are often overlooked. It’s true that the businesses have hired employees to respond to the user’s requests. However, no…

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Benefits of unlocking a Samsung Phone

unlocking a Samsung Phone

When you go abroad to other countries or are confined to just a single carrier, there may be certain problems and restrictions. This may be a very big problem when you want to switch to other service providers or when you are looking for better plans. So, the best solution would be to get your phone unlocked. There are many advantages of unlocking your phone such as unrestricted usage internationally or across state lines. Other benefits such as migrating to better networks which offer suitable plans also play a big…

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Rubber VS. Plastic – Which One Protects Your Phone Better?

Protects Your Phone Better

When it comes to iPhone covers, everyone has their own opinion. While some prefer their phones in their naked glory, others prefer to cover them up for added protection. While the naked beauty of the phones cannot be questioned, it leaves the phone vulnerable to shattering to pieces after just one unfortunate slip from the hand. The modern-day smartphones are a lot of things – they are fast, efficient, user-friendly and all around amazing, but an area that they lack in sorely is hardiness. While the attractive glass backs sure…

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5 Handy iPhone tips & tricks to save your valuable time

The iPhone is said to be the most intuitive smartphone device. While it’s packed with tons of useful features there are loads of handy shortcuts waiting to be explored. The built-in features in the iPhone offer a seamless experience with time-saving benefit. There are many people who look for ways to speed up their phone by using their phone efficiently and saving time. In this article, we will tell you few ways to speed your phone to save your valuable time. Apple will continue to evolve and introduce new features…

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, pre-launch preview

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi has large number of phones in its line-up. Starting from the very cheap and basic Redmi A series to its Premium MIX category, they do have a much diversified line-up of devices in the market. The company is no stranger in our Indian soil and we love their devices for the quality assurance and good service. In fact, I can’t quite recall another budget manufacturer that has enjoyed this much success among us Indians. The Redmi Note series of smartphones is Xiaomi’s way of bringing phablet screen sizes and…

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Google Pixel 2: Price, specifications


As in the past year, Google introduced the flagship 5-inch Pixel smartphone. Google Pixel 2 will be introduced this year. The new googlephone finally boasts a beautiful 12-megapixel camera, and although there is no optical stabilization, the picture remains very stable thanks to the digital one. Google Pixel 2 is the flagship, so it is supposed to work quickly and without any brakes to “drag” any programs. What it does with success. A special buzz delivers perfectly smooth operation of the system: for themselves they have optimized, so they tried…

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