Monetize Your Marketing Channels By Combining Them With Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising
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Mobile advertising continues to lead the forefront in marketing trends as business experts everywhere tout that a successful company should utilize this platform to further advance their marketing campaigns.

But while you are focusing on mobile marketing and hiring mobile advertising companies to help with your efforts, are your other marketing channels suffering from neglect? Or does it feel as if you are focusing on so many separate marketing campaigns at one time that your efforts aren’t focused enough to be productive and reach customers?

Resource Tool to Monetize Other Marketing Channels

Instead of thinking that mobile advertising is its own unique marketing channel, think of it as a hub where you can combine all your marketing efforts from every channel to monetize your advertising strategies. Mobile marketing can become your tool to introduce yourself and your company to mobile users, offer coupons and help them locate the nearest store to look at products personally.

Combining Email and Mobile

When a customer accesses their mobile device to search for a product or service, you can monetize your efforts with an email campaign. Allow customers to sign up to your newsletter, send customers confirmation of their purchase, and offer product information similar to the item that the customer purchased. You can also send special offers and coupons through email when the customer does business with you through their mobile device.

Combining Print Advertisements and Mobile

With potential customers always on the go, you may think it is hard to get them interested in print advertisements. But with their mobile devices, print advertisements can become a profitable avenue if used in the correct manner by mobile advertising companies. The use of QR codes located on billboards, flyers, store packaging, and magazines have allowed mobile users to connect with companies. The mobile user can now use their smart phone to scan the QR code, as they can visit the company’s blog, social media page or website to browse products, learn about services, or read about promotional offers.

Combining Social Media and Mobile

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to combining social media with mobile advertising efforts. As customers update their social media status page, they can see related advertisements to products and services that may interest them. Customers can also visit a company’s blog, learn about special promotions offered in their stores, and use geotracking to locate where the closest store is to their location.

Use All Available Marketing Channels to Your Advantage

If you look at mobile devices as what they are; tools to reach customers who are always on the go, you will be more able to visualize how to combine mobile advertising in with your other marketing channels to create a successful campaign. Monetize all your marketing channels with your mobile advertising strategies to boost sales.


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