Practical Guide To GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking
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What is it?

GPS tracking is a method of investigation that is probably better known to you as vehicle tracking. This service begins with the identification of a specific vehicle or vehicles that you wish to have more knowledge about. Once the vehicle has been selected a discreet but secure tracking device is attached to the underneath of the car which will serve to relay information on location and speed to the awaiting operative team. GPS tracking can give real time updates on the journey of the selected vehicle and can also measure other important factors like speed and stopping locations.

How Does it Work?

GPS tracking systems work using the same satellite technology that is used for SatNav devices. After the tracking device is attached to the identified vehicle, the designated car can be monitored as it travels. The satellite technology that the device is linked to allows our operatives to see on the monitors where the vehicle is travelling, at what speeds it is progressing at and the duration and site of any stops or breaks in the journey. The device can be implemented anywhere in the country and can be used for as long as is required.

At Home

GPS tracking is a good method of surveillance that allows you to gain a fuller portrait of the activities of an individual, whether this is a partner, spouse, family member or friend. The service often provides a good starting point for an investigation and can either provide enough information in itself or be used effectively in conjunction with the other types and methods that we have at our disposal. If you suspect that someone has lied to you about their work hours or similar, if you want to make sure that your son or daughter have arrived safely at their destination or if you want to find out where your wife is travelling on weekends, GPS tracking could reveal what you want to know.

At Work

It is not just in your personal or home life that GPS technology could prove useful. Vehicle tracking is an equally valued method of investigation in a professional capacity or business environment. You may want to check that an employee is travelling where they state in the business trips that they claim money back for, it may be to check that a company vehicle is being used as it should be, or you may want to ensure the safe arrival and delivery of a valuable or precious parcel of some kind. For whatever reason that you wish to employ a team of experienced and trustworthy detectives, you can rest assured in the invaluable information that GPS tracking can provide.

A Practical Example

A woman, who in recent months had become concerned about the number of business trips that her husband had had to attend, contacted a group of private investigators . The individual had been in the same job for many years but up until several months ago had rarely been asked to travel. Initially the client noticed a change in behaviour in her partner but put it down to stress but this coupled with his frequent and often prolonged absences had led her to suspect an affair. The woman requested that GPS tracking be put in place so that she could find out where her husband was rally travelling to. Unfortunately for the client, the case proceeded as she had predicted and it was discovered that her husband had been staying at a nearby hotel with another woman.


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