Rubber VS. Plastic – Which One Protects Your Phone Better?

Protects Your Phone Better
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When it comes to iPhone covers, everyone has their own opinion. While some prefer their phones in their naked glory, others prefer to cover them up for added protection. While the naked beauty of the phones cannot be questioned, it leaves the phone vulnerable to shattering to pieces after just one unfortunate slip from the hand. The modern-day smartphones are a lot of things – they are fast, efficient, user-friendly and all around amazing, but an area that they lack in sorely is hardiness. While the attractive glass backs sure increase the aesthetic appeal of the phones, they make the phone more susceptible to breaking.

More and more people today are choosing to use Designer phone covers for their phone that not only provide some protection but also makes the phones more personalized. While the “To Use or Not to Use” debate has simmered down, a new problem has emerged among the mobile lovers.

There has been a hot debate regarding which makes the best Designer iPhone Covers – Rubber or Plastic? To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of Pros and cons for each option:

Rubber Covers: Pros

When it comes to providing maximum protection to your phone, Rubber mobile covers are your best option. Rubber covers provide the maximum protection to your phone, safeguarding it against virtually all drops and other mishaps. The rubberized material of the phone case absorbs most of the shock from falling, keeping your phone safe and secure.

Rubber Covers: Cons

Rubber cases, although provide the maximum protection are not necessarily the most attractive options in the market. They make the phone look bulky and heavy. Additionally, most rubber cases available in the market is opaque, so you would be essentially sacrificing the attractive looks of your phone for that extra bit of protection.

Plastic Covers: Pros

Plastic covers are definitely the more attractive option between the two. Owing to the malleability of the material, it can literally be shaped into any size or style. Plastic iPhone covers are definitely more customizable, providing the customers with more choice for style and colors. Unlike the rubber covers, plastic covers are a lot thinner and do not make the phone look bulky. Plastic covers are best suited to provide the phone protection from scratches.

Plastic Covers: Cons

Plastic covers do not provide full coverage and protection. In case you have only a plastic cover on and your mobile slips from hand, you can be assured to have a broken screen or at least a couple of spider web cracks. The phones are also more vulnerable to water damage due to any spillage as well as outside dirt and grime.

As you can see, each option has its own benefits and downsides. While one guarantees protection, the other enhances the appearances. The choice ultimately boils down to your preferences and needs. In case your phone already has a toughened glass that is shatter-proof, you can easily opt for a plastic mobile cover. otherwise, it would be advisable to use a rubber mobile cover to protect your phone from any unwanted damage.

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