Samsung Galaxy Note 5: With superb camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
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Samsung Galaxy Note series is going to expend because of new arrivals, and the new devices would be Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 5 Edge (Galaxy Note Edge 2). And till now, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is ruling the market with its camera specifications and now the same level of performance Galaxy Note 5 is going to promise, as it would get on the market shelves.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has 16MP camera, with all new range of settings in the new Samsung’s interface, and the results are praising too. And lots of settings that you can easily add your charm to the photos, Of course, there is a mode “On”, where you can play with their own exposure settings, pull up the image using the additional settings and select an appropriate ISO. In the settings section, there are as many as two sets of predefined filters: first invoked by pressing a separate key of the virtual viewfinder, and the second is available from the “About”. Korean developers apparently did not like the one offered by Instagram. In video smartphone is able to write in the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second. And yes this is 4K native, but as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is siting in the rumours with the 4K-resolution display, so there would be more fun in running and recording such videos in Note 5. In the Galaxy S6 Edge, as before, the camera can shoot videos deceleration or acceleration. In this case, the resolution will not exceed 1280 x 720, and for a correct view of such masterpieces on the computer require special players and codecs, more close to the realization of such shooting video Sony Xperia Z3. They feature referred to as Timeshift Burst and made ​​more elegant. We can say, Sony is still ahead in camera a thing as compare to Samsung. And also there are possibilities that Sony would manufacture Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera sensor only.

Samsung phones have started struggling from the battery life, may be it is high-end resolution. In the Galaxy S6 Edge, forget about the two days of battery life on a single battery charge. Galaxy S6 Edge will have to recharge every day, of course, if you do not buy this smart phone. So, we are thinking what Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would feature to overcome this issue. There is also wireless charging dock, which you need to purchase with extra amount of money and train yourself to put on the machine every day before going to bed. So life will be much easier and not worth sweating about the lack of battery power. But still, this is not the permanent solution. And in case if Note 5 would not have removable battery then the issue would be more problematic, which could be annoying to many users.

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