SAP For Retail Operations – What You Need To Know Today

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SAP offers retail software solutions with flexible implementation parameters and comprehensive business intelligence tools. These retail software support frameworks allow you to rapidly recoup your enterprise software investment and gain additional organizational value through more effective operations and smoother functionality.

Each of the SAP retail solutions offers better conversion rates in every channel and increases the average size of customer transactions by increasing customer satisfaction with their retail experience.

SAP retail software also improves operational efficiency through better inventory management and more effective staff management. You can grow your retail enterprise with confidence, knowing you are using proven tools which embed a deep understanding of the retail line of business and of industry best practices.

How SAP Benefits Your Retail Operation

SAP retail software offers analytics capabilities that will allow your operation to:

  • Monitor and manage your sales channels
  • Align product mix with demand
  • Improve supply chain flexibility and agility

Using SAP for retail operations benefits not only your operational efficiency and your sales capacity, it also entails a lower total cost of ownership, since it uses standardized software stacks that are easy to license, support, and service.

For example, the SAP Business All-In-One retail package provides an organized and systematic framework for implementing industry best practices. It gives mid-sized operations an integrated solution for all aspects of a retail business. It includes modules to manage inbound and outbound logistical support, traceability and financial and budget controls. It provides management support for:

  • Project, products and documents
  • Manufacturing processes and multiple manufacturing models
  • Quality operations
  • Inventory control
  • Sales and delivery (POS)?
  • Post-sale customer support

Mobile Support and More

SAP also offers a mobile application solution for retail operations management which makes store performance metrics like gross sales and returns available to store managers on the fly as a mobile solution, allowing them to manage from the floor rather than the back office.

Using SAP for retail operations through this mobile application can make it possible to view sales transaction data, average sale, average number of items sold per transaction, as well as returned item data. These trends can be tracked and compared to the goals or projections for the week, month, or year, making it possible to identify and solve problems quickly before they can do harm to the store’s overall financial picture.

SAP sales analysis tools for retail also use HANA to give store managers actionable insight they can transform into increased sales, based on user-driven analytics, leveraging point of sale transaction data such as item, time of day, and total purchase amount. Retail personnel can gain access to customer purchase history to improve the quality of product recommendations. They can also dynamically update inventory to determine whether desired items are in stock and where.

Using SAP for retail operations makes it possible to track promotion performance and product acceptance and make real-time inventory adjustments that improve profitability. Better product availability in each location and channel is another feature of using SAP which will help you to avoid missed sales opportunities and excess merchandise.


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