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Perfect Bouquet
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The Gregorian calendar, also known as the Western calendar, has twelve months as you know, but did you know that each month has its own designated flower, or sometimes two? I didn’t until recently and I thought I’d share it with you guys, so without further history lessons, here they are.


January babies have two birth flowers, carnations and snowdrops. Carnations come in various different colours and each colour has a particular meaning when given to the recipient, so if you’re giving the bouquet to your partner you’d probably want to go for red, while if the flowers are for your mum a light pink would be more appropriate.

Snowdrops on the other hand have come to symbolize hope, so these flowers would work well for someone you’ve only recently started seeing.


February also has two flowers; the violet and the primrose. Again, the violet might be best for a recent partner as it represents loyalty and faithfulness, while the primrose tells the recipient that you could never part from them so it’s more suited for a spouse.


The birth flower for March is the daffodil, which represents happiness and unrivalled love so it would be suitable for anyone in your life if you explain the flower’s first meaning.


April babies can choose from either the daisy or the sweet pea when it comes to their flower. The daisy tends to be thought of as a friendlier flower, great for your best friend, while the sweet pea has been said to represent pleasure.


A lovely flower with a beautiful name, the Lily of the Valley is the birth flower for those born in May. This flower represents humility and sweetness.


Those celebrating in June can do so with roses. Roses are great to give to people as their many different colours can signify various things from passion to friendship to purity.


July is another month with two flowers, the larkspur and the water lily. Like roses, the larkspur comes in various colours and each colour can signify a different feeling towards the recipient. The water lily is a majestic flower that symbolizes innocence.


August babies also have two flowers to choose from, the Gladiolus or the Poppy. Each poppy colour represents something different, but the Gladiolus actually symbolizes being pierced in the heart and infatuation.


If your loved one is born in September than you can choose from either the Aster, representing or the Morning Glory which simply represents affection for the recipient.


October’s flower is the Marigold, a beautiful flower that has long symbolized undying love, how romantic!


Those of you born in November can enjoy Chrysanthemums which also comes in various colours with red predictably meaning I love you and the white meaning innocence.


The December flower is the Narcissus, but don’t worry! It sounds worse than it is. It’s said that the narcissus means the giver loves the recipient and doesn’t want them to change.

So the next time you plan to use plant services to send your loved one a beautiful bouquet on his or her birthday but you don’t know what they’ll like, you’ve got a great (and very romantic) choice to fall back on!


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