Social Media, Selfies, and the Rise in Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Facial Cosmetic Procedures
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Holding it out at arm’s length and point back the camera of your smartphone at yourself for a perfect self-portrait-social media is all about profile pictures now. Although the goal of a selfie on social platforms as Snapchat and Instagram is to have fun, but sometimes it leaves a flattering effect. These images leave a first impressions of the young people posting them which is a way to influence friends and oppsite gender.

Have selfies increased the demand of cosmetic and plastic surgeries? Well, “selfies” as they call it, has a huge impact on the facial plastic surgery. Selfies are more of a physical Photoshop thing: because of this current social media selfie obsession more people are aiming for plastic surgery for fixing imperfections as curves or wrinkles, prominent nose, or  imperfect hand appearance in engagement photos.

According to American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s (AAFPRS) study, one in three facial plastic surgeons have seen an increase in the request for the procedure due to some already seen results on social media.  Big breasts, straight nose, flat stomach, and curves are still in demand, but because of these #Facebook and #Instagram dominating #selfies, new non-invasive procedures are now in-demand.

Face of Plastic Surgery Gets Younger

There’s of course no denial that social media is playing an influential role in the lives and self esteem of teenagers. Therefore, there’s a huge driving force behind an increased number of teenagers following youthful face of plastic surgery. A great number of young patients (below 30) are seen taking injectables and cosmetic surgery.

Majority of these men and women are taking procedures so that they can avoid the aging process and prevent visible lines and signs. These include; rhinoplasty, chin implants, neck liposuction, and scar and acne reduction. But whether driven by competition or desires, most patients are still concerned about the cost, recovery, results, pain and scarring. They want to make use of the advanced non-invasive surgical procedures.

The Facebook Facelift

Because of social media explosion, the beauty standards have changed entirely. It’s no more about looking wrinkle free and tip top before reunion or a wedding, the patients are now looking up to surgeries for looking better online. A greater number of these men and women come from a younger demographic group then average plastic surgery patients.

This entire phenomenon of younger people seeking cosmetic procedures has now been named as “Facebook Facelift”. Snapping selfies is now building a pressure for looking the best around the clock and when that selfie doesn’t bring good results; people direct themselves towards cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. For Facelift in Atlanta, surgeons at Crispin Plastic Surgery updated for the increased number of people coming with goals of looking perfect online.

The Selfie Pick Me

Just because more people are citing the social media for a primary motivation of seeking aesthetic procedures, but despite this the majority of the procedures performed in the U.S. are non-surgical procedures. These procedures are non-invasive or minimally invasive that makes minor changes and don’t deliver a complete makeover.

This selection of non-invasive procedures is now termed as “Selfie pick me”, because it involves people looking at their online pictures and choosing for themselves, the features they need enhancement for. Some of these quick fixing procedures for freshness and perfection include injectable fillers, botox etc. BOTOX cosmetic procedure targets facial muscles that provide features and expressions, causing wrinkles.

Injectable fillers are used for filling minor facial scars and minimize wrinkles and deeper lines and also add volume to thin lips. Other surfacing solutions like chemical peels, laser surfacing and microdermabrasion ensure achieving beautiful and perfect skin.

A New Perspective

A major reason surgeons are seeing as plastic surgery request these days is the fact that patients saw their picture that was taken when least expected and it turned out to be a completely different person to how the patients take the picture when they well prepared-they request the surgery to cater this different look.

People are more concerned for not being embarrassed online then for being actually who they are. Although plastic and cosmetic surgeries are created to meet the desires of people to feel confident, aesthetically look proportionate, and improve the abnormalities. However, the new perspective for getting procedures done is rather stressing.

But, even if you’re not a fan of Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat, you still cannot deny the pressure that you have for looking the best when you’re especially online. Cosmetic procedures now day’s are offering just that-the ideal solution for helping you feel confident about your physical appearance whether offline or online, especially when you least expect the shot to be taken.


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