How Important Is Social Media To Your Company?

Social Media Company

As you set your business and marketing priorities for the coming year, you may wonder just how much time, attention and resources to devote to social media lead generation. You could base your decision on how you feel about social media. However, we suggest basing your decision on how your customers and potential clients feel about social media when it comes to making their purchasing decisions. And the jury is already in on that. They use social media and will continue to do so. Simply put, social media is where…

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5 Ways Not To Do Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a very useful tool to reach out to plenty of potential customers and business partners globally. Being an efficient tool, it is paramount that the email markets should at least be ethical and morally oriented as some email messages may not be worth to customers and thus it may harm the business image rather than benefiting in the long run. Engaging the email marketing efforts with unworthy ways will definitely sway potential customers away and can translate to huge losses in revenue and may take time…

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5 Useful Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags

I am a big Twitter fanatic. I can tell myself I am going to quickly jump on and just see if anyone has posted to my account. But before I know it, literally hours have gone by and I am in shock at the time I have wasted. Though it is a rather entertaining and even productive kind of time wasting that I just can’t seem to curb. My only consolation is that I am not alone in this habit. Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites…

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