Digital Asset Management Software for Photographers

Digital Asset Management Software

Because technology evolves so fast and invades all areas of people’s lives, individuals and companies reach a point when they need to control and manage their digital media assets. Photography is the industry where professionals need to make use of digital asset management (DAM) programs extensively because they need a database to secure and store valuable digital media photography files so that they can retrieve files whenever they need. Generally, photographers work with hundreds of digital media photography files, and a simple human mistake could lead to disaster. Tracking their…

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Things You Should Consider While Using Oracle Licenses for Trial

Oracle Licenses for Trial

Oracle gives all the freedom to their users when it comes to licensing. Anyone from your company can install a software and start using it. The trial phase is usually provided for one or two months. However, Oracle doesn’t stop or warn you from using the software, even if you don’t pay for it at the end of the trial period. But that doesn’t mean that you can freely use the products and pay whenever you like. It is clearly stated in the rules and regulations of the Oracle that…

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The benefits of having your own app if you are a singer

own app

Singers are the most talented people on this planet. But, most of their popularity depends on the recognition that they get. Even though you are great singer, if people do not hear you, then your voice and talent can go waste. The best way to stay connected with people, your fans and reach out to more and more people is through apps. Use of technology – The world is running on technology. We cannot imagine even a single day without our electronic gadgets. Internet is our life partner and mobile…

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5 Effective Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

Do your marketing strategies include activities to keep your existing customers coming back for more? What are you doing to make your customers feel special and have a great experience with your brand? In today’s age where every day a new startup comes with innovative ideas to take the online world by a storm, existing companies need to pay more attention to customer satisfaction for their retention. Along with new customer acquisition, companies now need to understand the value of customer retention and brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is one of…

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Repair PST File & Hard Deleted Outlook Items with Outlook Recovery Tool


All the Microsoft Outlook users are aware about the data file being used i.e. PST (Personal Storage Table).It acts as a main storage for the Outlook data. So sometimes due to power failure, virus attack or Outlook Server not working issue the PST file gets damaged or corrupted. In this kind of situation, sometimes manual methods procedures and methods don’t work to repair PST file due to highly corruption. However when other methods fail, use of third-party applications plays the important role to repair highly corrupted PST file. One such…

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Convert Microsoft Outlook PST File into Multiple Formats

Microsoft Outlook PST Converter

Data accessibility depends on various factors like its format, integrity, application availability, etc. In case any file is not accessible due to unavailability of any particular application, file conversion can be a solution, which can make that file accessible in many other applications. PST Converter is an important application, which comes under such commercial utilities to perform conversion of files. This tool performs the conversion of Outlook application PST file to several other file formats and which can be then accessed easily. The section below will discuss about the PST…

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Opening a Bkf File in Corrupt State on a Windows 8.1 Machine

This article shares and discusses the details of how we can open a BKF file via recovery and how only third party applications help in the same. Thus,BKF Repair softwarehas been suggested at the end. Data is the greatest asset for all the organizations or even for an individual and it requires protection. We may have come across data loss many times in our day-to-day life and still fail to understand the need to keep an alternative for its retention. Therefore, to overcome the consequences one can take the backup…

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