Some Easy-Peasy Travel Hacks to Save Time, Money, and Space

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It’s holiday season once again, and the last thing anyone would want is a disordered, messed up vacation. From booking tickets, to flying, and to exploring a place, everything needs to be coordinated and managed pretty well for a hassle free journey. But even though everything seems to be in place, there are a few things that need consideration. Check out some cool travel hacks to save some sweat on your next sojourn.

Before heading out for that much awaited expedition, keep these hacks in mind. You’re welcome, already!

  1. Arrival on Departure

Looking for that Delhi to Agra cab? Stop searching outside the arrival area of the airport, since for obvious reasons, the queue will last a lifetime. Change your course to the departure drop off area and voila!

  1. Fly Out on the Day of the Holiday

Instead of flying out prior to a holiday, it is better to fly on the actual day of holiday. This way you can avoid those pestering queues, rush-hour, and have a comfortable, easy journey.

  1. Digital Boarding Pass

In this age of digitalization, does waiting in long queues seem legit? Absolutely not! Simple. Download the app of the airline you are flying in and get your digital boarding pass. Saves you one physical item to carry.

  1. Tomato Juice for Some Appetizer!

Agreed that tomato juice tastes musky and a bit weird on land, but up in the air, this juice turns into a fruity, sweet flavoured drink. There’s no magic involved, it’s just the air pressure that does this. So, you know now what healthy to drink while on a flight?

  1. Homestays for Solo Travellers

Instead of vouching for the same boring hotels, why not head for a comfy homestay inn? This way you get the feel of being local while being in a new place. Of course, make appropriate enquiries or research before zeroing in on one.

  1. Digital Copies of ID Proofs to the Rescue

Before heading for the destination, make sure you email yourself scanned copies of necessary identity proofs, in case you miss your baggage or important stuff. This can really come as a blessing to you in time of need.

  1. BYOB!

No party here. If you are one of those who need their shot of poison with them on the go, here’s a tad advise. Carry your miniatures along. These are very much permissible on board, and will save you money while flying.

  1. Currency Convertor

This one’s a must for those flying overseas. Install a good currency convertor app in your phone to not fret for checking the actual price of that dress you desire. This is another time saver, and of course, money saver more!

  1. Go Incognito!

For booking flight tickets, go browsing privately since travel sites track your visits which might hike up the price of the flights. Clear your cache and cookies, or go incognito, to save some extra bucks.

  1. Mid Week Lottery

Tuesday to Thursday are the best days to book an air ticket since, according to historical flight data, these are the most economical days to book a ticket. So, next time to travel by flight Delhi to Chennai, you know when to do the needful, right?

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